Christmas Resolutions

I already have a list of New Year's Resolutions in my mind. Things like moving my body more (exercising), eating more green foods (vegetables), moving into a new house, helping Ashtyn stay on track with her schoolwork, writing book #3, being more consistent with my devotional time--and so on.

But today I decided I need Christmas Resolutions. Here's what I want this Christmas:

1. To celebrate Jesus every day and remember what Christmas stands for and why I celebrate it and why I love it so much.  And to share all that joy and peace and love with my children.

2. To not be overwhelmed with gift-giving. To buy a few special items (online if possible! I want to avoid store craziness!) and enjoy that part of the season, but not to let it control my Christmas. I've told every member of my family not to overdue it when it comes to presents for my kids. Honestly, something new is so exciting to them! They don't need twenty "something's." I love buying presents for people! But I want Christmas to be about more than new stuff at our house.

3. To enjoy the parts of this season that just warm my heart. Christmas movies, gingerbread cookies, Christmas music, wrapping presents, seeing the lights everywhere, mistletoe with Jeff, etc. :)

4. To be okay with not everything going just as I've envisioned it in my head. To make room for real life and to cover every day with grace.

5. To spend time with the people I care about. Hosting parties and get-togethers can be stressful this time of year. But I want to experience Christmas the entire month of December with the people in my life. Girls' nights, journey group celebrations, friends coming over--it's doable if I maintain balance. And this season, to me, is meant to be shared. Even if it's just friends coming over for pizza and we turn on a Christmas DVD for the kiddos. I want it.

6. To keep track of my schedule and not let it get over my head. I want to be intentional with my time.

7. To extend grace to Jeff and the kids. To love them well and to start giving my children wonderful Christmas memories they'll look back on.

8. To slow down. Full days are wonderful. So are slow, easy days. I need both.

9. To reach out to those less fortunate this season.

10. Jesus again. The reason for Christmas.

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