The Whine Diaries

Prepare yourself.

I need to whine for just a few minutes. It won't last too long.

The thing about the holiday season is that (besides being wonderful) it can be stressful and tiring. I've been tired this week. The kids and I all have colds, apparently. The kind that linger until spring, apparently. (Yes, I know I said apparently twice. It's an emphasis kind of day.) The kids keep sniffling and coughing. I keep sniffling and perpetually getting the feeling that I should be lying down, but that's next to impossible. So far, Jeff has managed to escape it all (keeping my fingers crossed he stays well!).

When you're down for the count, everything else seems more difficult.

We had a new refrigerator delivered. And the water and ice thing isn't working. So the Lowe's people tell us they will come on Saturday. So it's been a week of no ice. One of my favorite things about being an American is the accessibility of ice! So it's been a week of drinking stuff without ice at our house. I hate spending hundreds of dollars for things that don't work. Our car we bought last week--we had to take it back to have the brakes fixed this week. I know it wasn't a new car, but still, everyone wants all the parts to be working on it.

We also got a new microwave and Jeff needed to cut open the box and then cut out this sheet needed for installation. Of course, when he needs to do that, neither of us can find the scissors to save our lives. I mean, we use them every day. How did they escape the junk all-purpose drawer? It was a very frustrating thing. And I ended up watching as it took Jeff forever to cut out the installation sheet with the tiny, little, itty-bitty scissors kept in the bathroom (their purpose is always a mystery to me).

Guess what. I found the scissors this morning, right where they always are, in the all-purpose drawer. Why does that happen to people? I checked there a million times.

It's been that kind of week, lovey. I go for physical therapy tonight.

You know what can rescue even a week like this? Singing Joy to the World after the kids' bath time last night. Making gingerbread cookies and promising Ashtyn that she gets to put the sprinkles on them. Knowing there are about three different Christmas movies coming on TV tonight after the kids go to bed. Drinking coffee with peppermint-bark creamer. The fact that the basement passed inspection this week means we can move furniture down there and start using it! That's a great thing for us.

As Ash likes to say, tomorrow is a home day. I am so glad.

Some weeks are easier than others. It's always rough when your kids are sick. And it's never cool when Mom's sick. But you know what I started thinking about today? The fact that we're halfway through November. Thanksgiving will be here soon! Turkey and dressing and all the fixins! For me, Thanksgiving dinner is always so special! I look forward to it all year. There are joy-filled moments to be had, right around the corner. And really, there are joy-filled moments all the way through. Cuddling with Linc while he's sick. Taking care of Ashtyn when she doesn't feel good. These things are part of a mother's heart. Blessings in the journey.

How's your week been, lovey?   

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