Happy Birthday to My Mother

Tomorrow is my mother's birthday. She's here in Colorado as you know, helping me with my craziness. So I get to be with her on her birthday. Much of it will consist of us taking care of fussy, whiny children, cleaning up after said children, and running ragged in general. But you know me, at least we can be sure that birthday cake will be involved.
Mom and Jeff have been downstairs watching a movie, while I've spent the last hour upstairs, writing. I have to or there's no way I'll reach my deadlines. So Jeff and his mother-in-law eat popcorn and rent a movie from Redbox. Adorable. :)
My mother's birthday. It makes me think of years past when I was a little girl, and years to come when my own little girl will be a grown woman one day. Yesterday, we looked at some old pictures of friends we had years ago. Looking at those photos, well, the memories felt like a lifetime ago. And they were. But even so, those years and days and people were chapters in our lives. Those were moments that shaped those years for our family. That shaped us in many ways. I wonder how my own children will look back on these years that are shaping them, shaping this little family. I hope they look back as I do, with smiles and happiness . . . and a little heartache because once those days are over, they're gone forever. But to look back with appreciation and love--well, that's a blessing.
I appreciate and love my mother so much. I hope her birthday, even amid fussy children, is a wonderful one. A birthday where she feels loved. She's a beautiful person and I'm thankful to have her in my life. I don't see her that often, so being with her on her birthday is an extra treat for me. We'll have cake and sing and the kids will offer hugs and kisses. Saturday, Sara and I will take her out to celebrate all over again.
Mothers and birthdays. Two of my favorite things. My heart is grateful.

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