Light Coming Through

This has been a week where you feel like you're on a slide, in one of those tunnels, going round and round till you finally see some light. That's how I feel tonight (as I'm at my home away from home, also known as Panera). Jeff and I were at our old house, cleaning, last night till late. Then I was home, working, till really late. I think I emailed feedback to our co-publisher around 12:30 pm. Linc woke up yelling from a dream about spiders at 2:30 a.m. Today we had a four-hour appointment to choose all the stuff for our new house. I've spent the last couple of hours scrambling to get things done amid the delicious smells of bread and soup.Tomorrow we close. Friday I have work and therapy. Yada yada yada! It's a crazy week. And my head is aching tonight.

Still, there's light at the end of the tunnel. This was the view from my kitchen window yesterday evening. The last light peeking through. I just stood for a moment and took in the picture before me, thankful for the beauty. I'm pretty sure I need a day off in the near future.

And Internet at our rental place. Just sayin'.

How are you, loveys? How's your life right now? Your schedule? Your heart? Are you filled to the brim like me? Are you in a quiet season of life? Are things flowing smoothly like a river? Yesterday evening, I remembered that light shines through. Even in a busy life. Even in a quiet life. When I was little, we used to sing a song called "This Little Light of Mine." I sing it to Ashtyn sometimes. It's about letting the light in us (Jesus) shine.

Even when there's a lot going on. Or not much.

I'm tired. But I hope I still have a little light to shine around me.

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