Gathering of Hearts

You guys know that it's been a week of sickness at our house. But I've been thinking this morning about how it's also been a gathering of hearts. And you've got to love that. In the last two weeks, we've spent time connecting and reconnecting with old friends (and new!). And that's a blessing. Several of the women in these photos below have moved away so we don't see them often. So a time of reconnecting together is so nice. I'm reminded of what glued us together in the first place. Friendship. So even when life takes us in different directions, it's nice to come together and see how far we've come and know that we're still connected.
We also spent some time with our new journey group friends, and that was great. It's a reminder that God keeps bringing people into our lives for a purpose. Today, Jeff's at one of our journey friends' house, helping out with some projects. I'm home with the two sick kids. Ash has definitely caught Linc's cold, so here we are, back at square one.
It's okay.
Sometimes, on the rough weeks, we just need to remind ourselves that it's going to be okay. You may feel tired and like you're holding on by a frail emotional thread--but it's going to get better. One of the harder things to realize is that sometimes it will come down to you in order to make that happen. Your sacrifice to do what you need to. Your grace given to the ones around you. Your humility to see where you're lacking and ask God for help. All of these things--we can't do them on our own. We need a little divine help to get our home and our families and our relationships back on track sometimes.
It's okay.
It's worth it.
I've got two sniffly-nosed, coughing kids today. We've got two tired parents living together in this house.  . . . Recipe for conflict.
It's okay. It gets better. Colds eventually go away. We get a little stronger physically and emotionally. We've all lived these weeks before.
Divine help. Come on down.
And in the midst of life, we get blessings like these kinds of gatherings.
Scripture says that God is our strength and our song.
Start singing, loveys.
Ash is in front of the TV right now, dancing up a storm to the music. She's got a runny nose and definitely isn't perfectly healthy today. But there's music and she's dancing. I'm reminded . . . joy in every season.

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