Picture Day

So last night before I went to bed, I decided to run upstairs and check on my sweet little Ashtyn. Today was picture day so I'd laid out a couple of possible outfits for this morning. NOT among them was her Easter dress. So I'm super tired but head upstairs to check on her (and to turn off her CD player, which I normally do). Well, well, well. Imagine my surprise when I find a little girl who is deeply asleep--in her Easter dress, complete with pink stockings and the little white sweater that came with her dress. My jaw dropped.
We'd put her to bed about two hours before. In her jammies obviously! She was so asleep that she wouldn't even wake up when I tried to stir her so I could take off her dress! She even had her stockings on! Good grief. So, I put her jammies back on and she barely blinked.
This morning she came downstairs at about 6:30, already dressed. Guess what she was wearing? Oh, her Easter dress? RIGHT. So I gave up. Sure. It's picture day. Wear your Easter dress. She looked beautiful.

I feel like the Bruce family is having summer fever over here. We are in need of a vacation. Warm weather. Sunshine. I'm feeling a bit desperate for it really. But it's almost May so I know it's coming. Summer, find me. I'm ready for you.

P.S. The Q&A is still going strong on Goodreads so hop over and join the discussion!

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