Spaghetti, Superheroes, and Strawberry Cake

This is what a Friday night looks like at my house, loveys:

Superhero marathon.
Strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting.

I have to tell you, I love Friday nights with my family. I also love cake and superheroes and spaghetti. All around, it's a good thing. We survived the zoo yesterday and had a great time.

This is how the day started:

This is how the day ended:

Then Jeff had basketball last night, and I fell into bed with exhaustion way before he even got home. Woke up tired. The zoo takes it out of you, people! Still, it's a usual Friday with moms and dads getting ready for work and kids getting ready for school. I threw a load of clothes into the dryer right as I left the house (this is how I multitask). :) 

I make it to work and rush to a meeting I'm late for. Get a call from Jeff after and realize he's having a stressful day. Five-minute pep talk required. (Tip for keeping your marriage going: giving each other pep talks.)

Because Jeff's day has gotten crazy, I rush to pick up Linc from daycare (late as well). We go to the grocery store since I have cooked everything in our house and have nothing left but peanut butter. I'm rushing down aisles in not-my-most comfortable shoes, trying to navigate that enormous shopping cart with the little car on it since Linc saw it and was pre-meltdown before I said okay. People start pointing at the little car and smiling. Then I realize we have someone asleep at the wheel. Linc has konked out in that little car. We drive home in the rain, and now I've got the cake baking in the oven. Ingredients ready and waiting to throw together spaghetti and salad and bread, and a stack of superhero movies. At the library, Linc kept taking more off the shelf. I told him sweetly, "We don't want that many, honey." His answer: "Yes, I do want that many."

There's something great about Fridays. The feeling of "weekend freedom" finally within reach. And it's a holiday weekend! We're going to some friends' house for a BBQ on Monday. I get to see some girlfriends Sunday evening. And somewhere this weekend I need to make time to finish going through the galleys for my third book. All good things. We've had some rainy days this week, and honestly, I love rainy days. They remind me of Texas. And I love Texas.

Family life has its stresses, like everything else. And some days we're more tired than others. And some days we feel emotional. And sometimes we desperately need alone time. But even in those days, there's grace for the journey, loveys. The difficult days, like the good days, are still just 24 hours. Once they're over, the next day is your chance for a do-over. Family life is worth it. I look at that picture above of those two sleeping munchkins, and I feel this waterfall of love. And then there are Fridays. Days like today, where we shake off the stress, and feel the warmth and love of home and dinner and time together.

So happy Friday, loveys! Take a breath, accept the grace, feel the sun--be happy.

*So if you didn't hop over and check out the link to my fave recipe, you totally should. You'll also see the cover of my book that releases in July!

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