Starting off Summer with a Bang

It's not that early, to be honest. The Lincolnator tends to get up every morning at 5:30. I heard him coming down the stairs this morning at his usual time, but this mom was so tired that I scooped him up and he fell right back asleep next to me (stealing my pillow and making the next three hours challenging!). Ash was already curled up in our bed; I have no idea when she climbed in with us. It was definitely warm and cozy with every member of our family taking over our bed! I don't mind so much. I know it's only a matter of time before the kids out-grow that habit. Ash is still asleep and it's 8:47 this morning. I seriously think this is a record or something. We had a late night. The perfect kind. :) With wine and bread and friends. Holding hands around the table and praying before we eat. Laughter and conversation and kids yelling and playing until the sun is completely gone, and we're all spent and happy.

Before our friends arrived, I pulled out two wine glasses from the cabinet and bemoaned to Jeff, "Explain why I only ever have two wine glasses!" He smiled and said, "Because all the others are packed and when we moved into this rental house, you said we probably wouldn't have company over for the next several months."

Oh, right.

Then I remembered that I like living in community with people. Luckily, no one seems to mind that for months we've only had paper plates, and plastic tablecloths, and two wine glasses (so someone always has to drink wine from a plastic cup), and a large white mixing bowl that holds salad. My friend June was like, "Hmm. We'll just set the bread on the plastic, no problem." :)

Now I'm drinking coffee, breakfast casserole is in the oven, almost ready, and the kids just stumbled into the kitchen. We've got two birthday parties to go to today and one tomorrow, and the kids are excited. Last night we started the summer off well. I feel happy. I think of playdates, and cheer nights for Ashtyn and Alex, and Nancy's baby coming in July, and birthdays, and Buddy and Michelle coming to visit, and writing nights--dreaming up new characters--and sunrises and sunsets, and moving. All in the span of a few months.

I love that picture up top. I took it more than a year ago while at one of the local antique shops. Something about it says dreams to me. Summer whispers to me of dreams and possibilities. Does it do that for you, lovey?

Whether your day today is cram-packed (like mine!) or easy and restful, I hope your soul feels the whisper of possibilities. Because God loves you, and me, and all of us. And just the fact that He loves us opens doors and windows of possibilities.

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