The End of Summer . . .

Good grief. Is it mid August already? School has started. Ashtyn turned six years old on the 15th, and the big move is right around the corner. The past few weeks have felt like a whirlwind. Laura came to visit. I can't believe the move is almost upon us. I don't feel quite ready. Summer has been so nice . . . I hate to see it end. But with the coming of school, the freedom of lazy summer days seems to vanish.

Then again, with fall comes leaves and pumpkins and magic.

Not bad at all. :)

But for today, I'm thankful for still-warm days and green grass.

Actually, I'm thankful for so much. It's hard not to feel emotional when you read the news lately. So much suffering going on all around the world. So many people living in fear and turmoil. It's more than enough for me to remember to be thankful. And to pray for those near and far. An old roommate of mine from college passed away this past week. My heart has been heavy for her husband and four children.

People hurting. People broken.

It all makes me feel broken too, in some ways.

Then I remember that we're a broken people. All in need of grace and redemption. And that God is the author of grace and redemption.

Hope amid brokenness.

It's all we have sometimes.

Summer is coming to a close. And I'm so thankful for a summer filled with family outings and fun memories. I'm ready for this move to be behind us and for the Bruce family to feel settled in our new place. I have a feeling the next few weeks will continue to feel like a whirlwind.

That's okay.

Life is full of whirlwinds, you know.

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