Messy Houses and Perfect Fall Days

Loveys, I felt very pregnant yesterday. Large and tired and frustrated by a messy house that I didn't feel up to cleaning. I'm sitting here this morning, trying to work up the motivation to clean. I know it has to be done. Next to me, sweet Lincoln has taken to trying to eat his cereal like a puppy. (More to clean up.)

It was a good weekend (despite the largeness and the tiredness and the frustration). Actually, all the goodness started before the weekend. My sweet friend Robin Gunn was in town and we got to spend a little time together, which is always a huge blessing for me. She's one of my VERY favorite authors (Christy and Todd, anyone?) and chatting over smoothies with Robin on a perfect fall day is a recipe for happiness for this girl. Every minute was fun.

After all that loveliness, I headed over to my sister Sara's house Friday night. She made some yummy minestrone soup and we watched Downton Abbey for hours. It was the kind of kid-free night I truly needed. I got to be at Sara's clean house for a while, before returning to my messy house.
Saturday we decided to take a quick drive up toward the mountains. I needed a river. And right now, with fall in full effect, it's great to enjoy the scenery. We just drove up toward Evergreen, Colorado (a little town I love and wrote about in Table for Two!). The drive was beautiful. There was this hilarious moment where we're winding around the mountains and suddenly the radio gets a signal and we hear Boyz II Men belting out End of the Road. Literally, Jeff and I both start singing at the same time. Children of the nineties, you know. :) We ended up heading over to John and June's house for dinner. Which was also wonderful. June fed my family and we spent some time at their lovely (clean) home. I love nights like that.

Sunday was rough. The kids didn't want to go to church. We ended up sitting in the sanctuary with two squirmy, noisy children, and leaving early. Jeff wasn't feeling well all day and we were both frustrated with the kids. I had a ton of work to do so I absolutely had to hole up in our home office all afternoon. Showers and bed time for the kids felt more draining than usual. Ashtyn--sweet little thing that she is--is quite fascinated by my growing evolving shape. So she was making these totally innocent comments last night that ended up making me feel larger than ever. I could see Jeff's concern as she was talking. And then she magically came and apologized to me later (I'm very certain Jeff was behind this). I don't mind, truly. She's six and it's all quite interesting and that is okay. But I'm sensitive as it is, so I can't help it if I get weepy. And then I realized I'd missed Death Comes to Pemberly on PBS. NO! How is that possible? I saw all these tweets about it and went into despair last night.

Now here I am. In my kitchen. Wishing Blanca Brumble would stop by. Alas, Honey Bear and I are about to roll up our sleeves and clean house. There's nothing else to do but dive in. Laundry, dishes, toys--good grief. Doesn't it seem like housework can snowball so fast? You go just a few days without tackling it, then it's this mountain you have to climb.

But a little Ninja Turtle just came over to me for a hug, and that does help. :)  

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