Looks Like Love

Loveys, it's almost here. You know what I'm talking about. Valentine's Day. Day of romance and cards and chocolate and cute poems and stuffed monkey dolls wearing heart boxers.

Valentine's Day isn't quite the same when you're 8 months pregnant. You know what I really want? To sleep through the night without getting up to go to the bathroom. Since that's not going to happen for the foreseeable future, I told Jeff I just want one of those heart boxes with chocolates inside. I'm really at that point where I'm tired a lot and feeling very uncomfortable. The good thing is, this means we're closer to delivery day! The bad thing is, people make comments to me, such as, "It's any day now, right?" Um. No. It's like five and a half weeks. "When are you ever going to have that baby?" Um. Once I reach nine months, I guess. That's the way it usually works.

So, there's that. But I'm trying to stay positive. Five and half weeks. That will fly by, I know it will. So I might not be feeling super lovey-dovey this Valentine's Day (I'm mostly feeling thirsty, swollen, and extremely tired), but we're not entirely devoid of romance over here. :) I'm thankful Jeff still asks me to be his Valentine, and that I still ask him to be mine. I'm thankful to have someone to love, and to be loved by someone. I'm thankful that we have these adorable kiddos who have been thrilled to no end by receiving Valentines by their classmates. I remember. It's just so exciting to get Valentines and to look at them over and over.

We all want to be loved, don't we? It's the one thing we need so much. Love. Romance. Friendship. Family. Affection.

A Valentine.  :)

I'm all about the love. And I'm usually all about the romance. But right now, I'm having to strain just to see over my tummy as I write you this, lovey. So love might look like Jeff letting me fall asleep early because I can't keep my eyes open. Or it might look like a foot rub. Or popcorn and a Nicholas Sparks' movie after the kids finally go to bed. It might look like a heart box filled with chocolates, or a special breakfast in the morning. It might look like a quiet conversation and a kiss.

Lincoln made a Valentine craft for us at school today (I honestly think it was mostly for Jeff). You know what it says? I know you love me because you play superheroes with me.

That's what love looks like to him. (Adorable, I know.)

Thinking about what love looks like inevitably makes me think of my novel Looks Like Love. I love writing romance because it's something we all crave. Love and relationship and connection. All wonderful things. So if you're looking for a love story, check out Looks Like Love on Amazon. If you have read it, leave a review so I know what you thought! (The same goes for my newest novel, Recipe for Love! Hop over to Amazon and grab it! Or if you've already read it, definitely leave a review so I know your thoughts.)


Happy hearts day, loveys. It's a good day to love the people around us, to love our partner especially, and our kiddos. Embrace all that red and pink and gooey lovey-dovey-ness. What does love look like to you?

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