We Are the Easter People

Happy Easter, loveys! How are you? It's been a gorgeous spring day for us here today. (Lillian and I spent a good chunk of it napping this afternoon.) I love it when the weather cooperates on Easter and we get a nice sunny day. For just a little while, all feels right with the world. I was thinking today about one of my all-time favorite quotes ever:

"We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song." --Pope John Paul II
It's like an anthem. Don't you think? It's beautiful and hopeful and makes me want to stand up and raise my hands to the sky and maybe even cry.
Hallelujah is our song.
On Good Friday I kept seeing all these posts on Facebook, they said "Sunday's coming." I love that. When all seems dark . . . Sunday is coming. It's not over yet. Because we are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song, loveys. Let it fill you up. All that hope. That promise we keep holding on to. It's all about today.
I'm one of those Easter people.
So my kiddos love Easter. They love chocolate bunnies and jelly beans and all that yumminess. (So do I. Seriously. I can eat jelly beans like they're going out of style.) We ran into a little bit of a sticky situation this holiday. I thought the Jeffster and I were on the same page about the Easter bunny. (Really! I thought we'd already had this discussion!) So when Ashtyn asked me the other day whether the E-bunny was real, I told her no. I told her we like all the fun that goes with Easter--the candy and the Easter baskets and the Easter bunny--but that's just for fun. For us, Easter is about Jesus. She was fine with that. 
UNTIL. So the kids were with Jeff, out and about, a couple of days ago. When Ashtyn tells Jeff that the Easter bunny isn't real, he begs to differ. (Good grief!) He tells her the Easter bunny IS real and proceeds to even tell her he caught the Easter bunny once when he was leaving Easter baskets . . .  yada, yada, yada. (What in the world.)
Ash comes home and tells me that Daddy says there IS an Easter bunny, along with the rest of the convincing (sketchy) story. My mouth opened and closed and opened and closed while I tried to think of the right thing to say. Finally I told her that Daddy must not realize that there is no Easter bunny. And that mommy usually makes the Easter baskets (ironically, this year Jeff made the baskets all by himself!). So this morning, when Lincoln was excitedly showing me what the Easter bunny left him, Ash gives me a knowing look over his head. Like, We know the truth, Mom.
Precious girl. :) Even if Mom and Dad have conflicting stories and need to get it together, she rolls with it. My kids had a great Easter. We went to church with all of the other Easter people, and then the kids went to our friends' home for an Easter egg hunt. Little bunny Lillian and I stayed home. Because, loveys, it's been a rough week for me. One word: mastitis. If you don't know what that is, thank your lucky stars. If you're a mom, you probably do and you're wincing right now. I am too. It's been a painful time for this mama, and I'm not great with pain. There's been crying and some tough days. So a little extra rest this afternoon was what I needed. Lillian is still up every couple of hours at night, so we're tired over here. Add mastitis to exhaustion and you've got a mom who's having a very hard week.
Even on the hard days, loveys, I'm reminded that Hallelujah is our song. It's my song. It means we have hope. It means we aren't alone.
It may have been a hard week, but this is a very special Easter for our family. It's our first Easter as a family of five. There were three Easter baskets this morning--no longer two. We've got this beautiful baby girl who completes us! I look at Lillian all the time and think, She has no idea how much she's adored. She's our best Easter gift this year.

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