Books and Wine and Summertime

There's something fabulous about a night filled with conversation and friends and wine and laughter and food. Also known as book club. :)

I hosted book club recently. We read Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave, and I thought it was a great summer read. Lots of family drama to talk about. Really, I'll use any excuse to have a party! So I started by checking out Pinterest to get book club party ideas. I ended up making a table runner from old book pages. I should tell you that I am in no way a very crafty girl. So I was pretty proud of the fact that I used a glue gun and everything. I was so happy with how it turned out. Honestly, book club night was one of the highlights of my summer! (Other highlights include drinking butterbeer in Florida. DisneyWorld with my family. Seeing Wicked with Sara. Zoo day. It's been a great summer, loveys!)

And after four hours and five bottles of wine--I'm telling you, it was a good night. The book discussion was great--insightful and at times hilarious. Stories shared, cheese and wine and bruschetta to munch on, and of course, plenty of wine to go along with the theme of the book.

I just love having a houseful of friends, with the sounds of talking and laughing all around! So. Much. Fun. I absolutely loved every minute. It's one of those nights where, after everyone has left and you're cleaning up, you just keep smiling and thinking, That was perfect.

Loveys, I highly recommend hosting a summer book club. Find a book you're interested in, ask a few reader friends if they'd like to read with you and discuss, find a night that works for most people, and go for it. I'm already looking forward to the next time!

I think it's extra fun to stick with a theme. The setting for Eight Hundred Grapes was wine country in California. The main character's family owns a vineyard. So for snacks during book club, grapes and cheese (and a little bit of chocolate) seemed like a good fit. We had different kinds of wine to pair with different kinds of cheese. If you're looking for book club ideas, wine and cheese go together like a happy married couple. I printed off discussion questions so we'd have a place to start at least. And just like that, twelve women sat in a circle in my living room and we talked book talk, and it was fabulous.

Loved it.

Have you been part of a book club this summer? What are you reading?

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