Saturday Morning

Loveys, how's your Saturday going? I'm still in bed, icing my feet actually. That's how it's going over here. As of two days ago, I'm finally out of the cumbersome boot I've had to wear. That's a huge relief. It's also resulted in two very sore feet. So I've been sitting here with my feet up, watching the Pioneer Woman and sipping coffee. I'm realizing that it's going to be a while before I can move around like I used to. But every week, I get a little closer. I'm just so glad to have those surgeries behind me. My mother left this week (I wept in the car after dropping her off). She's been such a tremendous help to me over the holiday season. We'll miss her.

I can hear Lily babbling through the baby monitor. It's not a full-on cry yet, so we're letting her lay there and chatter. I was thinking about Lily's birthday. She's a Saint Patrick's Day baby. I cannot believe we're just a few months from her turning one! Gosh. My life is a blur.

We're nine days into this new year, loveys. How's it going with your goals and resolutions? After a good week of eating well--I fell off the wagon last night into a pile of peanut butter cookies. Since it was Friday, I'm declaring that as my cheat day. It's carrying over to this morning though, because I can smell waffles from downstairs. The Jeffster is cooking. Peanut butter cookies notwithstanding, so far, 2016 is going just fine. My immobility makes me a little nuts and I find myself planning lots of things in my mind, then unable to do them when I remember how much my feet hurt. Yesterday, I sat in the carpool lane and planned out book club stuff. Then I talked myself out of it. Then back into it. We'll see. You guys know how much I loved hosting book club last summer. I'd love to do that again. I'm finding myself consumed with book thoughts this year! It's been over a year since my last book released. Of course, the past year was pretty full for me--having a baby and having surgeries will do that--but the love of books goes deep for me and it always resurfaces eventually. (Also, my love of food. I always seem to be looking for ways to intertwine the two!)

I'm starting to go back to my WIP (work-in-progress). I'm getting back in touch with author friends. I'm reading as much as I can. Books are calling to me. It's been part of who I am and who I've been for as long as I can remember. If you're looking for books to read this year, I hope you'll check out my novels. If you haven't read my Romano family trilogy, click on the books tab and check them out.

There's something about giving space to the things you love. Our families are a given. In fact, most of our time usually goes to taking care of or providing for our families. And that's a good thing and to be expected. But what about our other loves? I love books with a capital L. I Love stories. I also love food. I'll spend twenty minutes easy, just scrolling through pictures of gorgeous food on Instagram! (Then I'll eat a bowl of Rice Krispies.) I've been thinking lately of how much I love posting pictures on social media. It's such a fun hobby for me that I think maybe I should invest in a really good camera. Give space to what you love. Whether it's photography, or time alone with a journal, decorating on a budget, spending time with friends, cooking--there's something about carving out just a little time that satisfies our heart. Maybe it's just an hour at night after the kids go to bed. For me, most of my time is spent taking care of my kids, my home, my family. But it's vital for my happiness  that I still make time for those "other" loves of mine. Like book discussion over a potluck dinner. Or coffee with a friend. Or posting pictures of my kids on Facebook . . . curling up at night with a good book . . . blogging on Saturday morning with a plate of waffles next to me. :)

It's freezing out here, lovey. Yesterday I watched snow drift down off and on throughout the day. It's a snow-covered Saturday in Colorado. We're warm and cozy inside (complete with syrup-soaked Belgian waffles. Jeff must love me). Yesterday was my dad's birthday. (And Elvis's, as a matter of fact.) It's not so cold where he is in Haiti, of course. It's hard when families are far apart, honestly. But for my family, the love always seems to carry us through. Near or far, my family stays in my heart and thoughts each day. Praying for my family is also important to me. 2016 is going to be a year of prayer for me. I'm trying to be intentional about praying every night. Sometimes I'm so tired that I fall asleep mid-prayer. But still, there's something healthful for me about connecting with God as my day ends.

We're nine days in, lovey. Whether you're diving headfirst into this year, or just easing a toe into the water--we're here now. 2016 is completely underway and it's ours. I can hear all kinds of chaos outside of my door. I'm very afraid it's going to be a stir-crazy day, cooped up inside. Such is life. On the menu tonight is fettuccini with shrimp and homemade alfredo sauce. I've got that to look forward to. I've had time this morning to myself, and I'm so grateful. Loveys, what do you give space to?  What helps fill your heart? What do you want from 2016?

As for me, today I want a second cup of coffee. I get a ridiculous amount of pleasure from scheduling things on my calendar. Seriously. I know. Calendar scheduling is not that cool. But I love it! I've got this gorgeous Downton Abbey day planner, and I fill it up with everything going on in our lives. So I'm planning on going downstairs, making a second cup of coffee and organizing my life via calendar. It's a start.

How's your Saturday? ;)

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