Loveys, we have a winner! MARSALI ANDREWS! Congratulations! I'll be emailing you more information. I was blown away by the great response we got, and I appreciate every single comment on here and Facebook. I decided to do a small, runner-up gift! Our runner up gift goes to Sue Hull! Again, I was SO thrilled with all the beautiful comments, sharing Christmas traditions and thoughts. You loveys made my week! Thank you for bringing the Christmas spirit to this little blog!

Well, even as I bought a turkey today and we're prepping for Thanksgiving on Thursday, I have to say that it feels as though Christmas came to the Bruce house this past weekend. The weekend was busy, starting with a wonderful dinner with friends Friday night. Saturday night was our little town's Starlighting. It happens every year about this time. To be honest, it's usually too cold for this Texas girl, but the weather was crisp and beautiful this year so we packed up our little family and headed downtown. We went out for pizza first, then walked down near the courthouse. It does seem like EVERYONE in this town goes to the Starlighting, so the streets were packed. There were carolers and lights and my kids gasped when the star was lit and fireworks went off. Very exciting! Then we headed home for hot chocolate.

Our tradition has normally been to decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. But that's been inching up the last several years. For one, the season goes so fast, I like to enjoy the decorations for as long as possible. Also, I'm a Black-Friday-crazy shopper. This year, I've got book projects rolling in this week and I'm going to be swamped until December. So this was our weekend for decorating. Jeff brought up the boxes from the basement on Saturday. We did some decorating before the Starlighting, then Sunday we finished up, which wasn't difficult since we're going a little more 'minimalist' this year when it comes to decor. EVEN MORE EXCITING, my amazing friend Danielle Good ( real, this girl is SO talented) came over and captured our family decking the halls and such. I'll be sharing that with you loveys soon, and talking about making memories that last a lifetime and how Danielle is doing that for families. I can't wait!

Loveys, this weekend was all the things I love. Food and wine with friends. Kids watching movies and eating popcorn. Lily saying, "Wow!" in that sweet voice of hers as she watched the fireworks. Making cookies with Ash and Linc and then watching Linc lick all the frosting off his cookie. (Oh Lord.) Hanging ornaments on the tree. Watching Poldark with the Jeffster.

The season is upon us, lovey. I was reading up on Ina Garten's turkey tips today!

Thank you SO much to everyone who commented on the blog and Facebook, and took part in this giveaway. It means so much to me. Keep checking by, lovey, we've got good things happening in the next few weeks and there may be another giveaway right before Christmas!

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