Mother's Day Weekend

Loveys, how was Mother's Day? My weekend was full and crazy in the very best of ways. Beginning with a quick trip to Virginia with my sweet friend Tammy. The kind of trip where you leave around three o'clock in the morning and travel all over the United States before landing at your destination. Where you drink wine at noon because you're way up in the sky and it's totally fine. And you're just two moms without your kids so you eat a million Starburst and Junior Mints and Twix. Then you drive for a few hours in the rain. And I'm so excited because it's Virginia and there are a million trees, so every few seconds I'm pointing out the window and telling Tammy, "Look at that tree!" Despite the glorious trees, she and I were quite worried about the torrent of rain since commencement was in the morning.

We got to my parents' house and my parents were thrilled. My dad actually had no idea I was coming with Tammy, so that was a fun surprise. An even bigger surprise was that the Jeffster flew into Lynchburg about an hour after Tammy and I arrived. (Though he flew straight to Lynchburg, not taking the US scenic route like Tammy and I did.) So in the pouring rain that night, my mom needs to buy shoes, and my dad wants to come since I just surprised them, so the three of us drive to the store, where Laura and Wes meet up with us after having picked up Jeff. And then he shocks my dad. And my dad is looking for the grandkids and telling us all that he can't believe the deception in our family. Ha! We're laughing and hugging and still worried about the steady rainfall. And we buy shoes as the store is closing then head back home. The kids were safe and snug in Colorado with my mother-in-law. (Thank you, Gloria! We appreciate you!)

I just love being with my family.

Commencement morning comes EARLY. And it's not raining, hallelujah! But it is cold. Still, since the torrent was a few hours before, we'll take cold over downpour. It's like five in the morning, but my dad has already been upstairs and left me coffee on a side table. (I just love him.) He had to go to the airport to pick up a wife to a Backstreet Boy. :) So he dropped us off early and my mom and Jeff and I go have breakfast. And we're still so relieved the rain is holding off.

Then we wait for a little while in this room and Jeff is thrilled because Jim Kelly is there and he gets to talk to him. And I'm thinking that my bangs are looking flat. But there's more hairspray in the bathroom! Another hallelujah!

Then . . . you know . . . the PRESIDENT of the United States comes in and we're all excited. (And I had planned to say, "It's an honor to meet you, Mr. President." Then he's shaking my hand and I am absolutely frozen and can only get out, "It's a blessing." Oh Lord.) So we take a picture with him and it's super fun and all that.

Then we're escorted out to our seats to watch commencement, which is fun and we're all thrilled that it's NOT raining. Then we're having lunch with so many nice people and talking about how Liberty looks SO different from when I went there. (By the way, this cute young guy asked when I graduated and I told him 2003. Then he thinks that over and tells me he was eight years old at that time. Hmm.)

I was so, so glad the Jeffster was able to fly out. He left for Colorado that night, but it was such a cool experience and having him there was extra fun for me.

Jeff headed back to Colorado, but I was able to stay a few more days and spend time with family. My parents and I went to my sister's in-laws' house for a Mother's Day brunch and I loved every moment of that fun day. Delicious food and unexpected adventure in the form of this girl being smack-dab in a creek while wearing a long sundress. Also, things like holding on for dear life while riding a 4-wheeler across said river while still in that dress, then a dirt bike--that dress has experienced a lot at this point. It's been a super long time since I was out playing in the woods, and truly, it was So. Much. Fun.

They live in this picture-perfect Virginia landscape that just makes you want to stay there. It was a beautiful day.

And after all that fun and family time and adventure, it was time for me to come home to my husband and my babies. And to flowers and Mother's Day presents. I love my people so much. (And thanks to Laura for driving me back to the airport!)

Also, I came home just in time for the mega snowstorm that has overtaken our little Colorado town. Yes, it's May. I'm not sure what's happening. But it looks like Christmas out there.

Loveys, it was a good weekend. I hope your Mother's Day was filled with love and laughter and all kinds of fun. My heart feels so full with love for my family and appreciation for moments that you never want to forget. And now we're snowed in over here and my mother-in-law is whipping up a batch of chicken and dumplings for dinner.

Whether we're warm and cozy at home by the fire, or out crashing through the woods to see a waterfall, or having coffee at my mama's breakfast table--something about being with people we care about just makes all these special moments feel written on our hearts forever. Making memories and being thankful.

It's winter in May at the moment, but I'll take it anyway.


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