Four Days from the Release Date for The Last Summer!

Loveys, I can hardly believe we're almost there. The release date for The Last Summer is around the corner. Yesterday I wrote a blog post, talking about the origins for the story and the very cool link from the character names with my kids' names, hop over to my other book site, Thinking in Words, to check that out.

Today I have one million things to do. We just got back from a wonderful trip to Texas. It was hot and humid and everything Texas--perfect for a kick-off to The Last Summer. We stopped by places that are mentioned in the book: The Houston Museum of Natural Science (where my main character works!),  Whataburger, Shipley's, Hermann Hospital, etc. I ate Mexican food THREE times because it's THAT good in Texas.

Texas is home to me and Jeff. We were born and raised there and we love going back. My parents were in town as well, so it was extra fun. We all stay with my fabulous Aunt Stacey whenever we're in town and she's such a wonderful hostess. This was actually a last-minute, quick trip to visit my grandmother, who's been in the hospital. I'm so thankful we were able to visit her and see my parents and hang out with extended family. All blessings to be sure. And being back in Texas just made me more excited for the release of The Last Summer. It's Texas to a T. I had lunch by the lake one evening with my parents, and gosh, it reminded me of the book so much. The story starts out at a lake house in Texas, where my characters love to go stay twice a year. That was actually inspired by a real lake house that Michelle and I went and stayed at by Lake Livingston. The woodsy drive up to the house that is described in the book is just like the woodsy drive that Michelle and I took so long ago in Trinity, Texas. Wonderful memories. There's nothing quite like the peace of being by the water.

On our way back to Colorado this time, we detoured a bit and spent a night in the magical city of San Antonio. Truly, my Coloradan children were drained by the heat and humidity. (Ashtyn kept telling me, "I'm not used to this!" Yes, child. Your mother understands.) But it was fun regardless. We spent a cloudy (thank you, Lord!) day at Sea World and had dinner the night before on the River Walk. Moments with family that I'll hold on to forever, good food, adventures at Sea World--summer is off to a really wonderful start over here.

Now we're home and laundry is out of control again. I'm sitting at my table, drinking a second cup of coffee, and there's barely room for my laptop because the table is filled with favors and decorations for an upcoming book-launch party. That takes me back to the one million things I need to do that (mainly) involve cleaning (sob) and creating a play list and a grocery-store list. If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know that I actually LOVE parties. But I'll be honest, I get very nervous right before.

I'm in that right-before stage at the moment.

Also, cleaning is difficult when there are three VERY ACTIVE children at home with you all day. And going to the store is difficult when your car is in the shop AGAIN.

That leaves me and Pinterest--I need to find a sangria recipe (send me ideas!). And work on decorations. And now I'm blogging. And I want more coffee. And I need to choose an excerpt for a book reading. And create that playlist to accompany a summer night. And I need to be crafty when I'm not crafty. And Jeff wants me to pull weeds at some point.

And then I take a breath and remind myself that, honestly, throwing a party comes down to one major thing: Sharing what you have with others.
And that I can do, lovey.

In four days, this book will make its way into the world. There will be a launch party on Facebook from three to five (central time, two o'clock mountain). I hope you'll read it and leave a review on Amazon!

As for me, I'm making a party list and putting champagne at the top!


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