Pumpkin Everything

It's officially fall, loveys.

I was in Colorado Springs yesterday and completely overwhelmed by yellow and red leaves everywhere. So beautiful. And today, snow-capped peaks already in the distance and fall colors everywhere. It goes fast, I know. I want to freeze time. We bought lots of pumpkins for the doorstep this afternoon (that's about as artistic as I get unfortunately). And it's warm outside. The kids are playing in the back while Annette's Enchiladas are in the oven (see Bread and Wine for the recipe and prepare to have your life changed). Today was supposed to be extremely productive. Until we all woke up, moving extra slow, and I realized almost nothing would get done except for buying pumpkins.

There's always tomorrow.

So we'll push chores and everything else to tomorrow. Instead, we'll have enchiladas and rice and beans, and ice cream for dessert, and maybe popcorn and a movie later. And it will all keep.

(Also, the kids have come in and apparently their new names are Hunter and Fisher and they are eating dinner while completely in character. And also, apparently we are now a family who hunts and fishes a lot and the kids call me 'Ma.' One more thing . . . they will be going scuba diving later if I'm okay with it. Of course I'm okay with it.)

The hectic-ness of the end of summer and school starting and birthday season has segued into the busyness of our school schedule. Field trips. Martial arts. Tutoring sessions. More homework. And I start to feel like maybe I don't have capacity for too much more. (Which is a difficult situation because I'm supposed to start potty-training Lily soon. Sob.)

Loveys, I've just finished reading Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. It's a fast read and one I needed so badly. My soul just soaked it up. I highly recommend it for people who need stillness . . . and people who need change. Because, sometimes, we need both.

Sometimes one leads to the other.

It's the kind of book that I keep thinking about. I want parts of it to stay with me. When I first finished it, my immediate response was that I need to clean out my closet--simplify, get rid of stuff. Those great intentions have not happened yet, but cleaning out my closet and simplifying where I can is absolutely on my to-do list. I always feel better after taking stuff to Goodwill and letting go of excess. With school starting, I inevitably feel like we have stuff everywhere. School papers and homework folders and drawings and backpacks and shoes piled up in the closet. Time gets away from us daily, and rooms get unmanageable and laundry is--okay, laundry is always terrible. It gets to be a lot.

And life happens in the mess.

Last night, when the kids FINALLY went to bed. I poured a glass of wine and cleaned the kitchen. Jeff came downstairs and helped me. Then he sat at the island and we talked about the kids and schedules and basically everything. We talked for almost two hours, lovey. Crazy. This morning, he and I were both still saying how nice it was just to have (uninterrupted!) conversation with each other. What we want. Where we're going. How the kids are doing in school. Plans for the holidays. Car issues. Health issues. Us.

We need to talk sometimes. More than clipped conversations and short phone calls or quick texts. We need to share stuff and hear each other.

It seems like the onslaught of media everywhere stays at this off-the-charts level of constant outrage and criticism over anything and everything. I'll just be honest that I can't keep up with that. It's not healthy for me. The chaos of everyday is enough. And one of the things I want most is a peaceful home. I want my kids to be grateful. I want this space that's ours to be where we're the most happy.

There are always seasons of more stress or emotion, of course. That's life. We've lived those too. But I'll choose peace if I can. Chaos or mess or uncontrollable giggles or late nights talking quietly with Jeff for hours. These are my people and I love them so much. They don't need to be perfect. None of us are and it's okay. I just want to love them.

The kids are back outside now, in the fading light of evening. (They're scuba diving most likely.) Lily runs to keep up with them and my heart melts.

Summer is past and we're in full fall mode. My freelance projects are finished, and I'm ready to just breathe and enjoy every possible moment of the upcoming holiday season. I want to write. I can feel a new story starting in me. Outlander and Poldark are part of my life again and that is all kinds of wonderful. How's your fall season, lovey? I'm wishing for happiness for you even amid the busyness of life. Pumpkin pie and gold leaves and cool breezes and long talks and good books and more love. Grace for our people.


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