Romano Family Collection

"Get ready for your mouth to water and your heart to swoon! A delicious set of stories with genuine characters, heart-tugging romance, and a close-knit family you'll grow to love." --Melissa Tagg, award-winning author of The Walker Family series. 

The Romano Family foodie novels are back and now available in this beautiful compilation book. Three novels in one, with a bonus short story and a recipe included! Available on, for anyone who loves mixing food and fiction and a touch of romance, you'll want to hop over and try out this delicious series!

Mandy Seymour Always Books a Table for One So the pretty food critic is stunned when she captures the eye of dashing chef Leo Romano. Leo's good looks and fabulous cooking are swoon-worthy, but it's his tender care of his ailing father and affection for his warm Italian family that really touch her heart. A broken engagement has made Leo cautious. And as he grapples with his dad's illness he's skeptical about starting a new relationship, even with a woman as compelling as Mandy. But as he spends more time with Mandy, Leo starts to realize maybe the last thing he should give up is love.

Isabella Romano Has Given Up on Love Between her demanding work as a nurse and her father's poor health, Isabella has no time for distractions. So when a handsome firefighter practically falls at her feet, she keeps him at arm's length. But Ethan Carter is determined to win her over. Orphaned at a young age, Ethan longs for a family of his own—and he's sure Isabella is his match. But when he opens a cafĂ© near his firehouse, Isabella is less than thrilled. She knows firsthand the strain of being a restaurant owner, and she wants no part of that life. Can Ethan convince the busy nurse they can overcome any obstacle and have their happily ever after together?

Is Jeremy Mitchell Cooking Up Romance? Overworked chef Jeremy has ordered up the perfect vacation: a fly-fishing getaway and some much-needed alone time. But when he arrives in the Colorado mountain town, he's immediately captivated by the lovely proprietor of the bed-and-breakfast, not to mention her young son. Alison Taylor still mourns her first husband even as she fights to keep their shared dream of a B and B alive. But there's no denying that she and her big-city guest have all the right ingredients for something special. Will this star-crossed pair realize that second chances can happen…if only they'll let them?

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