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(Courtesy of Leah! Thx so much!)


  1. how did you get a job as a book editor? do you live in NYC? i am getting my masters in library science right now, but that sounds like an awesome job...

    1. I did an internship with a publishing company that turned into a permanent position (eventually!). It's a great way to get your foot in the door.

  2. Hey Lady! I grabbed your button ;)

  3. Hi Brandy,

    I grabbed your button! :)

  4. Hey Brandy!
    I grabbed your button. I don't have one yet, but I will be making one very soon. BTW, I am loving your blog.

  5. nice blog!

    Am a new follower, linking up from aloha blog hop! Would love if you can visit my blog and follow if you like it:

  6. Came over from Pink Momma Fun Friday to give you a like, but I didn't see a Facebook icon, so I'm following you on Networked Blogs!

    ~Bonnie at

  7. Hi, I'm just wondering what your series Title is for the books Table for Two and Second Chance Cafe. I'm trying to organize my personal library and the title would be really handy. Thanks

    1. Hi Elizabeth! I don't think the publisher gave the series a title! I remember they told me that Rocky Mountain Romance was already taken, so I think they just went ahead without one! For myself, I referred to it as Colorado Sweet Delights. Btw--book three releases next month! Recipe for Love!


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