Easter Weekend

So it's Easter! We had a good holiday. Went to church with Kels and Scott then went over later to have lunch at their house. Ashtyn got an Easter basket this morning and was excited to get a pinwheel . Her tiny whisper of a blow didn't do much to move the pinwheel though, and this little girl of ours can get frustrated quick. So the pinwheel ended up being shaken more than anything.

 Anyway, so listen, it was my job to bring dessert to Kelsey's house today. So last night, I was making a peanut butter cup cheesecake and worrying that it might not turn out right and wanting to try something new--all of this ended up with me deciding to make two cheesecakes. So I got to try a new recipe and make a chocolate cheesecake. It looked great when it was finished. So today, we're rushing out to the car to leave, and I'm trying to pack a diaper bag and fill sippy cups of milk and pack drinks and so on. I have this one pie carrier that works great for cheesecakes too. Important word here being one.

So I'm coming out to the car and holding the chocolate cheesecake on a plate. And it slips right off the plate and rolls onto the ground and under the car. I just stood there. Jeff was in the car watching this happen and I know he was instantly concerned about my emotional status. I didn't cry but I easily could have if I let myself think about it. I was too much in total shock. SHOCK. I watched my perfect cheesecake roll under the car. Unbelievable.

 Anyway, we drove away--and the cheesecake was just sitting there on the street. It was a quiet car ride. Luckily, the pb cheesecake turned out perfect and no one even knew that there was another beautiful cheesecake now sitting on the ground in front of my house. Anyway, here's something else I feel like saying: I do NOT know how people with 19 month old children socialize. It's not possible. Conversation's not possible. Being still isn't possible. Being focused isn't possible. I don't know if I'm doing this parenting thing wrong or something--but Ashtyn doesn't sit still. Like ever!! And she doesn't know what she wants, but she still whines for it anyway! OK, so I'm tired right now. Despite the ruined 2nd dessert and the baby that cries and fidgets--I would say it was a good Easter. Beautiful day. I still adore that fidgety baby. And dinner and 1st dessert were good. Now I've just finished mopping the floor. (What a shock.) And I think I should rest while I can. I've finished reading all my new books so I think I need something new. Anything new really. Jewelry--movie--book--lipstick--you know when you just need to have something new? Yeah. That's how I feel. Well, friends, I hope you've had a fantastic Easter weekend. Cheers. :)

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