So, after realizing that Nancy and Tammy both brush their children's (younger than Ash, btw) teeth, I felt inspired to buy Ashtyn a tooth brush today. I have a very strong feeling that we have a ways to go in this area. Mostly since Ash refused to do anything but brush her hair with it. I kept thinking about The Little Mermaid, where Ariel is brushing her hair with the fork. I tried to show her that it's for brushing her teeth, but she'd just smile like she understood, take it from me, and proceed to brush her hair again.

So it's getting warm in Colorado. It happens about every year around this time, you know. And here's a tragedy: Our house does not have air conditioning. Some native Colorado people seem to think this is okay. But for two people who grew up in Texas, it's unheard of and absolutely crazy. I was so overcome by heat yesterday that I ran outside and screamed at the barking dogs nearby. Jeff just sat there in shock as I flew out of our room and through the patio door and started yelling at a level where everyone in a ten-mile radius could hear. Anyway, it's cooler tonight so I'm not so unstable. But seriously, we need a window unit or something ASAP. I am convinced that being this hot on a continual basis is unhealthy to the extreme. Luckily, Jeff is totally on board with this assessment. OK, well, despite the heat, it's (of course) really windy tonight. So all of Jeff's papers on the desk just now blew up into a un-organized mess. Right in front of me. So I better go and do something about it.

(P.S. So we went to buy a portable AC unit and apparently all those Coloradans who felt they didn't need one changed their minds. They were sold out. Unbelievable.)

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