Sisters and Vampires

Well, my sister is back in Virginia. I'm sister-less in Colorado, sadly. Still, can I just tell you that Laura and I had so much fun while she was here? We went up to Estes Park and were in a hot tub by the river when it started to rain. :) We went and played laser tag where I was consistently the lowest scorer. Do you know that some people are hard-core when it comes to laser tag? There were these teenage boys who would storm in and take over this one area that no one could get to, then they'd kill us all over and over again. We spent hours watching Dr.Quinn (it's one of our sister-things, me and Sara and Laura love it--and my mom, too).

We stood in line for about six hours to see Eclipse at 12:30 Tues nite/Wed morning. Well, we weren't exactly standing, obviously. We'd brought chairs and snacks and books and iPods. Unfortunately we were stuck behind the theater (btw, it's a huge building and the line was wrapped ALL the way around. Crazy.) so it was a little cold. So I left during our six hours and got jackets for us. When we made it inside, we sat on the floor for another couple of hours and then . . . yay! We saw the movie! I really loved it. And standing in line just seems to make it more fun. We went again on Thursday with Kels and Scott, and there were these super annoying teen girls sitting in front of us, wearing vampire cloaks, by the way. They were making me crazy. My tolerance for that kind of thing is minimal.

 Anyway, eventually I told Jeff to kick the back of one of the girls' chairs and I said "Shhh!" as forcefully as I could. They quieted down. I hate it when people are loud in movie theaters. Really, it's so annoying. Well, Laura's home and I'm in sadness over it. Ashtyn really loved having her around, and Laura got to see how adorable our little munchkin is. It was just a super-fun two weeks. As for that munchkin, I'm afraid we're about to start potty training her. Pray for me. Jeff has indicated that this is something he doesn't really want to be a part of. (Not that he has a choice, but I'm not going to say that--he'll know soon enough.) The only thing I'm excited about is buying M&Ms for reward candy. Knowing we will soon have M&Ms around the house on a regular basis is something to look forward to. We have to hold on to the small things in life, you know? :)

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