Home Again, Home Again

Well, I survived the weekend, but I'm still over here coughing like a maniac and sounding like a man whenever my voice does decide to show up. Yeah, it's been a rough few days. But despite feeling sick and all that, I was able to spend a few nights at my grandmother's house in Texas, and I haven't done that in forever and it was so great to be able to spend some time with her. I used to stay with her for probably a week every summer when I was little, and I would cry and cry when I had to leave. We had so much fun. :) Good memories. So even though I was sick, and she wasn't feeling well either, being together was really nice.

Now I'm home again and still not quite over this cough. I was able to watch Rebecca while I was at Mimi's house. If you haven't seen it and you like old movies, you should definitely watch it. I love it. While Sara was there with me, we watched The Royal Wedding, another old movie I love.

The flight home was interesting. I was trying not to cough because obviously I didn't want everyone looking at me like I have the plague. And I was sitting between two men and once, when I was forced to cough, it seemed like the guy on my right was trying to move as far away from me as possible. So I tried to hide the fact that I did indeed have the plague. This plan started to unravel about halfway through the flight when I realized my nose was bleeding. I know. Why do these things happen to me? I'd been sniffling nonstop and then started to see blood everywhere and I know the guy on my right realized this, too. (The guy on my left fell asleep about three minutes after we were in the air.) Of course, there were no napkins to be found--and of course, the seatbelt sign was lit up because of turbulence so I couldn't get up. I had to dig through my bag to try to find something, anything. All I could find were make-up remover wipes. Did I mention that I got blood on the book I was reading? I did. So even if the guy on my right didn't see all the chaos of me bleeding and digging through my bag (btw, the strap of my bag broke right as we were boarding), I'm pretty sure he noticed the blood on my book (which I kept reading).

It's good to be home, loveys.

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