Being a Mom

You know what I think one of the best things about being a woman is? Getting to be emotional. You're a woman, so people expect it. No one expects men to cry after reading a magazine article in Parenting, which is what I just finished doing. I read this super-sweet article about a mother who had a daughter with down syndrome. It was totally unexpected and the article is about how she dealt with it and the support her friends and her husband gave her. She recognized it in her daughter before anyone else did and it was just this moment where all her expectations came crashing down and everything she'd dreamed of was about to look different.

Anyway, there's something about reading about moments like that--well, reading about another woman's birthing experience--that immediately take you back to that day when you had your birthing experience. I know I cried a lot that day. I'm not sure Jeff cried. I don't think he did. For a while he was just busy with giving me oxygen while I was fighting him and saying I didn't want it. Then he was over with the baby while I was weeping like I'd just lived through a war. It was the most painful day of my life, and the best day of my life. There's just nothing like it. And as painful and awful as labor was--I think of someday having another baby, and what I mainly think about is how I'll feel when I get to hold him or her and what he or she will look like and how amazing it will be to hold someone so brand new who needs me so much.

Remember on Gone with the Wind when Melanie says, "The best days are when babies are born"? :) I love that line. It's been a long, good day. I had a really interesting meeting at work this afternoon, and it was another reminder of why I love doing what I do. Tomorrow, our department gets a new intern, and that's always something to look forward to. My sister's coming to visit next week, and that's absolutely wonderful and I can't wait. But right now, this mom just needs to figure out what to make for dinner. Another day in the life. Adios for now.

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