Candy Apples

Here's the thing about candy apples, they're delicious (especially covered in chocolate), but they're apples...come on! They're fruit! They're healthy, sort of. They have to have a vitamin in there somewhere. Jeff got one of those special chocolate-covered candy apples last week as a gift. And he shared it with me. So delicious.

You know what it reminded me of? A Berenstain Bear book from when I was a child called Trick or Treat. Did you ever read the Berenstain Bear books? I loved them. My mom would take us to the bookstore and we'd buy a new book, and it would be a special treat. I can't remember when it was that we stopped buying the latest Berenstain Bear book, but I know I'll love pulling them out and sharing them with Ashtyn.

Books have always been a huge part of my life. Going to the bookstore has always been a delight for me. I recently read an interesting blog about adjusting to the onslaught of e-readers and that sort of thing. You should check it out at The Comfort of a Good Book. Anyway, I love that certain books are perfect for certain occasions. Like reading Trick or Treat around Halloween. Or reading The Night Before Christmas as soon as it's December. I can think of so many books I like to read according to seasons. And finding special books for special seasons is just one way to celebrate the seasons with your child. Making candy apples and reading a book about Halloween or Thanksgiving or just fall in general--that experience can create a special memory in children. It did for me.

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