Gotta Love It

  So, the weather here in Colorado has been gorgeous. I had to take pictures yesterday. This is the view from the parking lot of the building where I work. Amazing, I know. Usually, I feel like fall in Colorado lasts about 15 minutes. The wind blows, the leaves all fall down at once, and it's over. This year has been so nice. I love it. I try not to be oblivious of it. I want to acknowledge and appreciate how beautiful the scenery around me is. I get so used to going to work every day that it can be easy not to be amazed by the mountains and the view in general. But it's really just lovely and I want to be conscious of it and grateful for it. :) So, what else do I love about the fall season? Parties! Mel had us over today for a moms/kids fall party. Very fun. Nancy made this delicious dip that was decorated so cute. It looked like a graveyard. (See below.) So fun! Ashtyn was able to wear her so-cute piglet costume. Here's the thing about kids and costumes: What if a kid (like Ashtyn!) doesn't like wearing her costume? Very frustrating. She will not wear her piglet hood, of course it's the cutest part of the costume. Anyway, whether she likes it or not, she's adorable as piglet. :) P.S. So I thought I'd add that I was able to go home to Texas for a quick visit to visit my BFF, Michelle. It was a great trip and I'm so thankful I was able to make it. I stayed with my aunt, and let me just tell you that her mother-in-law can make sugar cookies to die for. Seriously. She makes them every year at Christmas and everyone in my family raves about them. Well, this year she made some special Halloween sugar cookies! How lucky for me! So Stacey shared with me. I thought I'd post a picture of Diana's famous
 sugar cookies. :)

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