Counting Down

Hello friends! Well, we're less than three weeks out from baby's due date, and honestly, I don't think we're going to make it till then. I have a feeling this little guy is going to show up early. I keep wondering, Will today be the day? While I still have a lot to do before he arrives, I'm okay with the idea of Lincoln coming early. I'm just so excited to meet him! :) We've had the baby shower, the nursery is finally ready--I think most of the important stuff is taken care of. There's still the terror of delivery, of course. For me, that's not going anywhere until it's over. My boss asked me if I've reached that point where I'm just ready to have the baby. In some ways, I guess. But in other ways--how can you be ready to be traumatized? Some of you moms are out there smiling, thinking, It'll be fine. It's not that bad. I tell myself that on a regular basis. All I know is that somehow this little swimmer inside of me has to get from point A to point B. I've survived it once; I know I will again. That doesn't seem to help make it less scary for me, for some reason. I try not to think about it too much. I concentrate more on how great it will be once I have Lincoln in my arms. That's the part that I'm looking forward to. As you know, we had my sister Laura out here with us for two weeks, which was just so much fun. She took pregnancy pictures for us while she was visiting. She did this before we had Ashtyn, too. So the picture you're seeing up top is one that Laura took. Speaking of Ashtyn, she's turning 3 soon. I cannot believe I have a 3-year-old daughter!

Time is going by so fast. I started reading Karen Kingsbury's book Leaving recently, and so much of the beginning is about the parents being nostalgic for when their kids were young, and I can see myself feeling that way. I'm starting to understand how time seems to triple in speed when you have kids. We went to a BBQ yesterday with a bunch of friends we first met through a small group we were a part of a few years back. When we all met, I think there was only one baby in the group. Sitting yesterday with all the girls, I just looked out over the backyard at the kids running all over the place. And two of us are currently pregnant again. I think if we tallied up all the kids, we're close to 10 now. It's like a daycare center when we're all together! It seems like so long ago when we first met. It's hard to remember what it was like back then, pre-kids. I think the most hilarious moment we had yesterday was realizing that one of the little girls has taken to calling her parents "Ma" and "Pa." They've been watching one of the Little House on the Prairie seasons and the little girl is totally into it, and now calls Mel and Jason Ma and Pa. Hearing her yell out, "Ma!" was just so cute and hilarious. (I think her parents are hoping this is just a short phase. :) )

One of my friends and fellow bloggers (who just recently had her second baby) wrote a great post a while back about the parenting things she wants to do differently this second time around. Her post really made me think about what I will do differently. Here's something about me, though: I can hardly remember what I did when it comes to those early months with Ash. I try to write things down or I'll definitely forget. So I've forgotten tons. But there are a few things Jeff and I feel sure about: 1) We're not going to let Lincoln have a pacifier until he's 3 (like Ashtyn). After the first few months, once we're past the fear of SIDS, we're taking away the paci. 2) I'm going to try breastfeeding and if it doesn't work, it doesn't work; and there you have it. 3) Again, we're going to do this parenting thing at our own pace and enjoy it as much as we can. And 4) I'm going to remind myself to always tell pregnant women that they look wonderful and encourage them rather than make them feel even more enormous. So, we're at that point where baby could literally come any time. I'll keep you posted!

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