Candy Corn Days

I'm on a diet.

Sort of.

I'm not someone who thinks diets are cool. But if you've just had a baby (like me), you might just find yourself on one, too. But how on earth do you reconcile this when there are bags of candy corn on the grocery store shelves? And when candy corn is one of those things that makes you truly happy? All I can think to do is to avoid the store and to try not to think about it. Having a baby is a fabulous, wonderful thing. But even so, there are things you have to deal with afterward. Like sleep deprivation and dieting. I know there are some women who just magically go back to their original size right after their baby is born. I'm not in that magical category unfortunately.

It's a difficult time.

Along with candy corn, pumpkins are everywhere these days! I love it! Today, Sara and I took Ashtyn and Lincoln to buy a pumpkin. I felt like we were smack-dab in a Berenstain Bear book. So much fun. Last weekend, Jeff and I and the kiddos took a drive up to Evergreen, Colorado, just to enjoy the fall colors. Also, so much fun. However, Ashtyn is currently in a never-stop-talking-no-matter-what phase. I'm sort of hoping this phase ends soon. Today, I tried to teach her that whispering is the coolest thing ever and I want us to do more of it. That lasted for about one minute.

Well, I'm about to be a working-outside-the-home mom again. My maternity leave is officially over and I'm an editor again. Diving back into book projects and such. I wondered how I'd feel when the time came to go back, and honestly, I feel ready. I haven't missed work at all (of course!) while I've been home with my Lincoln. I've loved being home and just concentrating on getting to know my little guy. But I really love my job and the thought of being back feels fine to me.

Alright, all this talk about candy corn is making me want sugar, so it's probably best if I go watch Criminal Minds or Law and Order or something. I need a distraction. :) I hope all of you out there are enjoying the fall season as much as we are over here. There's just something beautiful about seeing leaves change color and feeling like we're shifting into something new.

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