Sweatpants and Other Things

Ok, here's the thing. I've been home on maternity leave for about six weeks now. Being home with my kids is great. But sometimes being home can make you a little crazy. And, as so many moms know, you can reach a point where getting dressed for the day actually only means putting on your nicer sweatpants. Let's just say I know a girl who finds herself at that place very often. (Her name rhymes with candy.) But still, there's something really nice about waking up on a very cold morning and knowing you don't have anywhere you have to be. Of course, you also know that Dora the Explorer is going to be in your future--so there's that.

Jeff and I are still getting used to this whole "family of four" thing. It's kind of surreal to be sitting together on the sofa with two kids in between us now. It was just us--and then these other little adorable beings just showed up. :) But it's work and these days are long. I had forgotten how much work infants can be. And how tired a person can feel. Linc's starting to sleep a little less during the day. And whatever he needs, of course I'm there. Ash definitely needs a little more attention these days (picture her saying "Mommy" approximately 50 times every half hour). So I'm pulled in all kinds of directions. Ah yes. The life of a mother.

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