Um, why do these pants fit me?

Seriously, people. You know that diet I was talking about? Do you have any idea how hard it is to be on a diet in the October-January time period?! If you don't, that's okay. I'm glad for you. But for someone like me, it's the most uncool thing ever. Today I've been thinking about cheese soup. Cheese soup! I think the last time I ate that I was about ten years old. I never eat cheese soup and don't even have a good recipe for it (though I need to change that). But still, because I can't have it--I suddenly want it more than anything.
Let's talk about something else. Like the title of this post. So the truth is that finally, finally, some of my favorite jeans are starting to fit again. This is a happy thing for me. The problem is that some of my unfavorite jeans are still fitting me. Today, I was checking out my dark jeans (the ones thrown on a pile of other jeans in my closet) and we were having this silent conversation where I kept saying, "Why am I looking at you? Surely you don't still fit me." The jeans don't even have to respond. They know they've already won. So I tried them on--who knows why--and yes, they still fit and are more comfortable than the favorites, so I'm wearing them. And so . . . no cheese soup for me.
Moving on. So, continuing in the spirit of crazy shopping, Jeff and I went to the mall with the kids on Saturday. Let me just tell you that we need to buy a new stroller. I don't know how to describe ours (ghetto would be one way), but it's old and needs to be replaced. But since I rarely have a need for strollers (that would mean I go for walks and things), I keep putting off buying another one. Still, I'm meandering through one of the stores at the mall, pushing that stroller since Jeff immediately offered to take Ashtyn to the playland and leave me to shop, and I'm wondering what that really annoying squeaking sound is. And then I realize it's my stroller. And I can't go one step without this high-pitch squeaking, and people are looking at me because they are annoyed. I don't blame them. I was annoyed before I realized it was my stroller.
I'm desperate, so I try going backward to see if the squeaking stops. It does. But who can go backward at the mall? I realize that doesn't help me. I try pushing down really hard and that helps, but I can only do that for so long so I have to go find Jeff. When I find him, I tell him that we need a new stroller and ours squeaks. He nods and says, "I know. But if you push down really hard, it stops." Good to know.


  1. LOL! Congrats on getting into new/old pants and your shopping story was cute! :)

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by, Jessica!


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