Merry Christmas Eve!

Hi friends! I hope you're all enjoying this most wonderful time of year. All is well at the Bruce home. Ashtyn and I made star-shaped Christmas cupcakes and she keeps telling me, "Mommy, I need a star!"
I am just loving our tree this year. It's all red, white, and silver. Basically, I just love Christmas lights, so having them in the house--on a tree or whatever--makes me happy. :) I still haven't found a first-Christmas ornament for Lincoln yet. I'm thinking that will have to wait post-holiday.
My family arrived in town yesterday morning at the crack of dawn and were exhausted from the long drive here. Laura (my youngest sister) told me on the phone, "I hope you know this is true love, Bran." :) It really was a long drive and I'm so thankful they made it. So anyway, everyone was at my house last night together--so nice--until my little darling son started having a meltdown. Here's the thing. You know how your kids never act a certain way until company comes over? And then you find yourself telling everybody, "Really, he's never been this way before!" And even you know it sounds desperate but it's true! Lincoln is usually a very mellow baby. When he cries, it's usually because he's hungry and if you give him a bottle, he's happy again. Last night, he was screaming for a really long time and we still don't know why! Of course! The first time everyone has seen him in months, and he has a meltdown. And, as you can guess, my nerves were shot as well as I tried desperately to do whatever I could to calm him down. Nothing worked. He finally wore himself out and I rocked him to sleep. Today he's been totally fine.
Luckily, no one acted like the screaming in the background bothered them. :) My family is great that way. Well, all the wrapping is done and we'll be heading to the Christmas Eve service soon. I'm pretty sure there isn't going to be childcare. Oh dear. Let's hope there are no meltdowns.

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