The End of an Era

Okay, folks, I think we may be reaching the end of an era at my house. So this week, Ash bit the rubber part of her pacifier in two. She yelled and I came running to her room, and she held it out and told me her paci was "broken."

Hmm. We may have an opportunity here, I thought.

I have to say that letting go of the paci hasn't been easy over here. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that it's been too hard and not worth it to me and Jeff. Anyway, Ash is now three and getting to be a big girl and I've been thinking the paci may need to go the way of hi-tops and fanny packs and pen necklaces--you know what I mean. Adios. So last night was Night Number 2 that Ash has slept without the paci. The first night I told her that I didn't have another paci and since hers was broken, she would have to sleep without it. She understood, but also told me we could get a new one tomorrow. Last night it took her a while to go to sleep--lots of getting up and such. She also reminded me that we needed to buy another paci. But eventually she went to sleep, sans paci. I'm thinking we may be getting somewhere! Her pediatrician has been telling me to take away the paci since Ash was about 6 months old. But we haven't and I've been okay with that. Over the past year we've transitioned to Ash only having her paci at naptime and bedtime. But saying goodbye for good hasn't seemed possible. Until now! I'm hopeful that she will continue to be convinced that we just can't buy another paci and that she doesn't really need it anyway. How did you take away your kid's paci? I've heard of convincing your child to give it to poor children who need pacifiers, letting the paci fairy take it away and leaving money under the pillow for it (the paci fairy must be related to the tooth fairy), or cold turkey, of course. I'm too much of a softy for that. (Also, I have too low tolerance for long-term screaming.)

So, tonight is Night Number 3. We'll see how it goes.

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