A Little Princess

I love little girl rooms. I had so much fun putting Ashtyn's room together (well, cheering Jeff on while he painted and so on). I loved Ashtyn's nursery and leaving that behind when we moved was sad. But once we moved into our new house, I knew I wanted to fix up her room in a way that would make her feel like it was her place, and I wanted it to be a place where she wanted to play. While I was trying to decide what to do for her room, I searched all sorts of blogs and websites for ideas. Which made me think that now that her room is done, I should post some photos for any moms out there looking for ideas for their little princess's room. I'll add a picture of her nursery for a little nostalgia for me.

Here's the thing about bedrooms: they're important! Really, I think a child's bedroom should foster imagination and comfort. When I was a little girl, I had an amazing room. Huge windows with woods right outside that made you feel as though you were in an enchanted place. It was a big room with space to play and I loved it. That's something I want for Ashtyn, a place that makes her happy.

You can see that we still have a rocker in her room. That's for Jeff and myself. Ashtyn loves for us to spend time with her in her room, and since there's a place for us to sit, we're much more likely to stay in there and play with her. Also, I looked high and low for blue cushions to replace the pink ones so I could move it into Linc's room. But I couldn't find anything! And Jeff really wanted us to leave a chair in Ashtyn's room. He loves to be in there with her, too. I know for some families, they have large playrooms for all the toys to stay in. Our house isn't like that. I'm okay with having toys in other areas of the house, of course (that's inevitable!) but I also want Ash's room to be a place that's like a playroom for her. And it's really worked. She plays in there all the time. I hear her giving her dolls a tea party (birthday party, more likely), and sometimes she's in her bean bag (which for some reason, she calls her potato) looking at all her books. She knows she can make a royal mess in her room if she wants to. And it's contained so I don't feel like I'm going nuts.

I'd looked for an affordable bed crown for forever, and finally found one on Etsy. I ordered the wall decals off Amazon. The pink on the walls is sort of a bubble-gum pink and the brown is a chocolate brown.

So, I'll most likely post pictures of Lincoln's room soon, for any mommies needing ideas for a little guy's room.


  1. Brandy, that room is ADORABLE! I'm totally inspired. I've been wanting to redo Izzy's room for a few months now but just don't know where to even begin. I am horrible at decor. Anyway, if you don't mind sharing w/me the blogs you searched for ideas, I'd love it. Also, where did you find that wall decal? Thanks! Erika :)

  2. Hey girl! Take a look at this site. Lots of good ideas. http://designdazzle.com/pages/girlsrooms.htm


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