Nice 'n easy there, girlfriend

I know a woman (who shall remain nameless) who may or may not have recently found a few gray hairs on the top of her head. Supposing this really did happen, I have to tell you that it's a tragedy. Because the woman in question has super dark hair, so a gray hair actually looks like a white hair and causes the woman to feel like she will soon look like a snow-capped mountain. And for you skeptics, just because she has dark hair doesn't mean she's me! But we do happen to be the same age. How can someone have several gray hairs at the spring-chicken age of 32? It's almost cry worthy. The woman in question mentioned this to another woman right after she'd seen a white hair and exclaimed, "I'm freaking out!" And the other woman said, "Oh, girl, don't worry about it. Lady Clairol will be there for you for the rest of your life." While that is, indeed, a comfort, gray hairs are still tragic. This young woman didn't think she'd encounter such things till well in her forties. Is this normal? Is it stress? Are women going gray sooner these days? I think of that movie The Holiday where Cameron Diaz says that her ex-boyfriend will go on looking cute for forever while women look haggard as they age. It doesn't seem fair. Jeff is totally fine with having gray hair--even though he, of course, doesn't have any yet. (I'm not saying I do. I admit to nothing.)

Let's talk about something slightly less vexing. Downton Abbey. Oh, wait. I do have something vexing to say about it. Every single time I've watched an episode on PBS, the screen has frozen at some time or another. It's totally vexing and I wish it would stop. Jeff says that maybe because it's public television, they need more donations to keep it from happening. I don't know. All I know is that every time it happens, Sara and I gasp loudly and hold our breath until it comes back on. After my fiasco with the Comcast helper who told me we don't have Comcast, I'm not rushing to contact anyone about anything. Apart from that frustration, I am loving this series. Maggie Smith is brilliant, as usual. Her disapproving looks and mannerisms are just hilarious! She's my favorite character. If you're not watching it, you totally should. I wasn't crazy about Lady Mary in the first season, but I'm definitely rooting for her in this season. There's been such good character development with the main characters. It's so fun to have another series like this to be hooked on! Every time I watch it, I want to have a cup of tea. It feels so British. :)

P.S. Update on Ashtyn. She has started randomly telling me, "Here I am, Mommy!" Even if she's just sitting across from me. I think it's adorable that she wants to make sure I know where she is at all times. Another adorable thing is that she's so cute at asking for help. She's very quick to ask for help for the smallest thing. I'll hear her call out, "I need some help!" from all over the house.

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