Panic during Downton Abbey

So, I love BBC movies. You know, Pride and Prejudice, Wives and Daughters, North and South, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, Cranford, and so on. Seriously, my mom and my sisters and I can spend days just watching those period films and loving every minute of it. Well, you may or may not have seen Downton Abbey when it came on PBS last year. (It was fabulous.) Season 2 started last night. Sara and I were super excited and completely enthralled in the movie when the channel froze. You know what I said the other day about my luck? Or lack of it? PBS was the only frozen channel. We were freaking out and turning off the TV and restarting everything and nothing worked. Jeff wasn't home while the movie was on or I would have been having him call our cable company immediately. After it seemed like it was going to be stuck permanently, I rushed upstairs and jumped online to contact Comcast customer service. They had that live chat thing so I clicked on that and explained how PBS was frozen on my TV and could they please fix it immediately because I'm in the middle of watching Downton Abbey. The guy who responded was very nice of course. I gave him my information (typing at the speed of light) and emphasized how important it was for me to get back to the movie. He was offering me ideas (like to restart everything of course. Doesn't everyone try that first?). Not too long after, I heard the TV back on in my room. So after all that drama, I told the guy it was working again and we were saved and the movie was on. He types back to me: "Okay. Just a head's up, though, you don't have a system with us." Um, what? I typed back that I was pretty sure we did but it didn't matter since it was working again and thanks for all his help and everything. I would have felt slightly embarrassed if I hadn't been sure we did have a system with them. This morning, I was telling Jeff all about it (the movie didn't end until super late since it was frozen for forever), and he tells me, "Bran, we have dish network. We only have comcast internet." Oh. Oh good. I'll just go back to feeling embarrassed now.

(On an entirely different note, Lincoln rolled from his tummy to his back for the first time yesterday. :) Very exciting.)

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