Post-Holiday Ramblings

It's over. Christmas, I mean. My tree is put away, all the decorations have been stored, the only thing left is for Jeff to take down the outside lights. And since he's at the Bronco's game today in Denver, that's going to have to wait. Sigh.
Do you feel sad post-Christmas? There's so much anticipation for that one special day, then it's just . . . over. I think, for me, I have to remind myself that there's just no way to live with that kind of hype all the time. At that level of energy. (Think of all those Christmas movies where at the North Pole, for Santa and the elves, the hype never ends! Exhausting!) I love all the energy that builds as we get ready for Christmas. I love the decorations, the baking, the parties, the shopping, the cooking, the joy of being with my family--all of it. But I also love seasons. And you know, as much as I love summer and I'm always sad to see it go, I love fall and start getting excited about pumpkins and such. Then I get excited for winter and twinkle lights and packages.
Today is New Year's. Definitely a time of new beginnings and things to look forward to in the new year. I love fresh starts. I think that's one of the reasons that moving into a new house invigorates me. (And exhausts me, of course.) There's something great about a new beginning. Not starting over--just starting again. Today is the first day of 2012. What do I want for this year? What are my hopes for this next year of my life? I don't have a laundry list of things I want to accomplish this year, like I've had in past years. At this season in my life, with small children, I just want to enjoy each day and make the most of this time.
We had such a wonderful Christmas this year. My family came to visit and we had Christmas at my house. I'm lucky to have a really fun, loving family. It's still amazing to me that Jeff and I have two children! That my life has this beautiful love story that keeps on going and moving forward. I can't tell you how grateful I am to be starting this year with Jeff and Ash and Linc. I am so blessed in my marriage, in my relationship. And Ashtyn and Lincoln give me this sense of fulfillment that I didn't know existed. Every day has a measure of happiness and I love it.
So what do I want for 2012? More of the same, I guess. A happy family. Lots of love and laughter. Good movies (Yay for Hunger Games coming out soon!). Good books to read. Watch my children grow. Spend time with my family. Spend time with my friends, those people sharing life with me. I want to do purposeful things--make a difference. Be happy. Be grateful. Live.
To me, that sounds like a lot to look forward to. :)


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I get sad after Christmas as well :( It never lasts long enough for me anymore.

  2. Hi Brittany! I know! I put up my tree even earlier this year, hoping it would make the holiday feel longer.


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