Silence and Sleep Do Not Exist

Well, I guess they exist. It just feels like they don't exist at my house right now. Do you ever feel like you just can't quite catch up on the sleep you need? I seriously think that if Jeff asked me right now what I'd like for Valentine's, I would tell him uninterrupted sleep. It sounds like a dream I used to experience. Both kids sleep through the night mostly--but every morning we're all up by about 6 am. Even on weekends. And sometimes it's earlier than that. I think I'm just frustrated because Linc is starting to nap in short intervals, and getting Ash to stay quiet during those times is, um, impossible. So then he wakes up. Or Ash will finally go down for a nap and Linc will start yelling and she'll wake right back up.

As for me, I'm not a morning person. I don't think I ever have been. I can remember my dad trying to wake me up in the mornings when I was a teenager; my mom yelling for all of us to wake up or we'd be late for school. The other day I told Sara that I'm basically a third child for Jeff to get up in the mornings. Terrible, I know. He tells me to wake up and I put my head under the blanket. He turns the bathroom light and the closet light on and I groan. Every now and then I'll have a burst of energy and shock both of us by getting up first, but it's not the norm.

All that to say, I'm tired, people. I remember when I was in college, one of my professors (who had small children) was having an off day and I asked him what was wrong, and he told me, "Basically I haven't slept in three years." I now know what he was talking about. Coffee is becoming my constant companion.

*Kid news: Ash has started making us scold inanimate objects that hurt her. For example, running in the house and hitting the table. Ash will start crying and tell me, "It hurt me! Say, bad table, Mama! Say, don't hurt my girl!" Already today I've had to say this to her bed and the table. We do it all day long. It's so funny! At lunch today, Ashtyn was making Lincoln laugh, then she was making me laugh by the things she was saying about Linc. She told me he's a big baby. And she told me that even though he's bigger, he doesn't talk.

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  1. Ohhh.. I can relate! I am not a morning person my kids jump out of bed at 7am with energy and I am not the one who jumps out with them! I wonder how I made it thro morning classes in college?


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