Crocodiles and Monsters

So yesterday Ash started calling me Crocodile Mama. I know, where does she get these things? I don't know. It's an improvement (sort of) from Monster Mama, which I was called earlier this week. And she still throws in Mr. Mama all the time. She kept calling me Crocodile Mama and when I'd answer her by saying, "Yes, Ashtyn?" she'd say, "NO, it's Crocodile Ashtyn, Mama!!" Right. Sorry. What was I thinking?

Here's something sad: I missed So What Wednesday Yesterday! Bummer. Truth is, I have been exhausted this week and barely hanging on. So there's been too much for me to do to keep track of all that stuff. But if I had done it, obviously, I would have said So What If My Daughter Calls Me Crocodile Mama. Another So What would be So What If I Had A Great Time At Book Club This Week Even Though I Didn't Read The Book! (Does it count if you just watch the documentary? I felt like I was checking out CliffsNotes like when I was back in college. Oh wait. Did I just admit to reading CliffsNotes? I take that back. I have no idea what CliffsNotes are.)

There are so many hormones running in our Book Club that it's hilarious. One woman's about to give birth any minute. Two women have babies just weeks old. Then there's me with my 6 month old--everybody's got little ones. So it's not unusual for books to make us all cry and for us to equate everything to motherhood. I love it--really. It's great to be around other hormonal women (if you're right there with them, which I so am). Anyway, the hostess's younger sister was in town helping with her new baby so she sat in on the conversation. I'm pretty sure after listening to us talk about epidurals and pinching spines, leaking breasts, Nazi-type lactaction consultants, 10.8 pound babies, and husbands who complain about how the fold-out bed was uncomfortable (seriously??), we just gave her the best birth control ever. :)

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