So What Wednesday!

I am linking up with Shannon for So What Wednesday! You should try it, too! This week I'm saying So What if:

1. I ate half a jar of honey because that was the only sweet thing I could find in the pantry.
2. I had a tragic doctor visit with my kids and left feeling sweaty and stressed beyond belief.
3. I am working, working, working and will have to keep up this pace till next week.
4. I am quitting the book I just started reading and taking it back to the library.
5. I am wearing my favorite sweatshirt even though it's Lincoln's new favorite place to drool on.
6. I am secretly throwing away some of Ashtyn's puzzle pieces. There seem to be millions everywhere!
7. I seem to have a constant headache this week and Jeff keeps making me take cold medicine for it! (not helping)

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