So What Wednesday!

I am linking up with Shannon over at LAID for So What Wednesday! This week I'm saying so what if:
  • I went to a Pickwick concert on a weeknight and pretended to be a college student again.
  • At said concert, I was stuck behind the one guy in the room who decided to be Mr. Step-Up dancer and he continually hit my arm while swinging his.
  • Lincoln wants to be held at all times and the girls at the daycare keep reminding me of this on his daily sheets.
  • Lincoln thinks it's fun to pull chunks of hair from my head.
  • I am counting down the moments until I get to see Hunger Games.
  • Jeff has been crazy busy this week and I'm having to pick up the slack with the kids. Last week was my week for crazy busy.
  • I decided to be healthy this week, then made chocolate chip cookies on Monday AND Tuesday.


  1. Ok, you have sold me on the Hunger Games. I am going to go out and buy them, so I will probably be living under a rock until I finish them :)

    1. Yay! I want to know what you think when you finish it!

  2. "Lincoln thinks it's fun to pull chunks of hair from my head." I can definitely relate when it comes to Rebekah. I am wondering what my little girl is going to do when our newborn arrives. I am scared for her!

    Miss you Brandy. I want to meet your kiddos someday!

    1. Aw Sam! I want to meet your sweet little ones too!


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