Sunday Morning Smiles and other Thoughts

Ashtyn woke up in a good mood today. I love it when she's all smiles and hugs in the morning. Especially when Linc wakes up fussy. My little guy's appetite is growing. I was up at 2 am for the second day in a row as he guzzled a bottle down. Today Jeff says we're going to work on not holding Linc for most of every hour around the hour. You know what that means, right? We're going to work on staying calm in a very loud household. He's just fallen asleep so I'm enjoying the silence for a few moments. And really, I think it's going to be doable today. The weather here has been gorgeous for days. (I'm told that snow will be back soon though.) So we'll probably take the kids outside later. That sounds wonderful to me. Sunshine. I've needed it lately and it's been really good for me. I think sometimes you just need some of that to make you feel refreshed.

So listen, I was going through my usual list of blogs I love to read and came across this post and really connected with it so I thought I'd share it with you!
It's all about realizing when we've sort of lost ourselves amid our other roles as mommys and wives and all that jazz. I love my roles as a mother and a wife, of course. They are the most fulfilling roles of my life. But I love my other roles, too. And the truth is, I was Brandy before Jeff and the kids showed up in my life. :) And I'm still that girl in some ways. We change, for sure. But I'm still me (maybe just a different me. Gosh, I hope so. I don't want to be the me from high school! The clothes, the hair . . . Aaah!). But I'm still a girl who loves to read, who loves to browse bookstores and drink coffee, who loves to bake--and eat--cheesecake, who loves Cocoa Krispies cereal, who loves loves loves to watch good movies, who needs quiet time for herself, who hates exercising but makes herself ride her exercise bike so she can eat cheesecake and cocoa krispies. And I'm thinking even moms and wives need time to remember who we are as women apart from all that every now and then. So check out Mama's Monologues and see what you think.

Btw--random annoyance. Seriously, I hate when you post comments and they make you copy those words so they know you're not a robot! Do you know how often I get the words wrong and then feel like a robot? I can't stand those things. How can you even tell what those weird words are? OK. Just wanted to share that little frustration with you.


  1. First of all, totally with you on the comments thing...I get why it's there, but sometimes the way it's written, I'm not sure I'm getting the letters correct! LOL!

    As for the identity thing, totally with you. As much as I love Tommy and would not trade being his mom for anything, I often feel frustrated that I gave up a lot more than my husband has since we became parents. And I know it's not about keeping score. As resentful and angry as I feel towards him sometimes (and he has recently admitted to having lost site of his priorities over the past year, so I know I'm crazy), I need to do a better job of not just asking, but saying what I need. We both work full time, something I think my husband forgets. I also commute 2 hours+ round trip, while his is 30 minutes roundtrip tops. He just assumes I'll be around on the weekend when he has to work. Or when he runs into work to do a quick tour on his weekend day off for a potential member and it ends up being 6 hours later before he calls to say he'll be home.

    I used to go to the gym 4 nights a week...and only since September have I been forcing myself to go at lunchtime to get some of that back for me...not the easiest thing, but it's making me feel more like my old self a bit. Now I haven't had a manicure in almost 2 months - used to go every 2-3 weeks. But I have realized the past few weeks that I've allowed this (and some other things) to get to this point, and I'm actively taking steps to correct my own behaviors. Another friend and I were talking about this on our commutes home with one another...her husband had plans the entire weekend to play golf, go out to dinner with friends after work, while she was home with the 3 kids...I asked when she gets to do that...and she admitted she doesn't.

    We have to take care of ourselves in order to be the best moms and wives we can. My old boss was all about making sure his wife was happy...we thought he was nuts with some of the stuff he did for her...even as women...and he would tell us, "happy wife, happy life!" And he is a pretty happy guy with a happy life.

    1. Hi Suze! Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts! I totally agree with you--we have to take care of ourselves in order to take care of our family. I think moms give and give so much that we can forget we have real needs too. I've been trying to do the same thing lately--things I used to do that I enjoyed that sort of stopped along the way. I know my husband needs those times too. But it takes me saying it and getting it on the schedule for us to plan things that we enjoy as individuals!

  2. What a big girl! She is so cute! I hope you did get some sun. We have rain, rain, rain.
    Here's a post of Charlotte wearing that DRESS!
    Note the fact that she had stuck rice crispies up her nose that day...
    Here's to many days when nothing gets stuck up there...

  3. I loved that clip of Charlotte! She is such a little doll. (And the dress is so cute too! I love that one!)

  4. Your girly is too adorable! I love it when they are in a great mood too :)
    And yes, we all change. I think change= growth. That doesn't mean that just bc we're mommas and wives right now we are not the same person we were back in our youngen days. We are just more experienced, more polished... and more pooped on :=)

    1. Hi Tatiana! Okay, I'm still laughing at your comment. :) Ah yes. The joys of motherhood.


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