Walls Coming Down

Well, what can I say about this week? Um . . . oh yeah. We almost had a major disaster. It was a major disaster, come to think of it. But it could have been worse. Here's what happened: So the kids and I go to a playgroup on Mondays (if I can talk myself into getting ready in time. In my opinion, Mondays are meant for pajamas). So this Monday I'd decided we'd go and I was in my room getting ready and Ash was with me. She'd been asking me for apple juice approximately every twelve seconds, and I kept responding by saying her options were only milk and water. Finally, she caved and agreed to milk. So I told her I'd go get her some milk. I go downstairs and I hadn't even opened the fridge before I hear this crashing sound--I mean serious crashing. Terrifying crashing. And then I hear Ashtyn screaming. It's that scary moment most moms know, and if you don't, I'm so glad for you and hope you never feel it. So I fly upstairs and just about have a heart attack. My dresser (which is heavy and probably twice Ashtyn's height) has fallen over and pinned Ashtyn to my bed.

It was such a shock to see this that I was frozen for a second. Ashtyn is crying and I'm freaking out and pushing the dresser back and pulling her out, laying her on the ground, stripping off her pajamas, and checking her for broken bones and bruises. She seems fine, but I'm not and I'm calling Jeff and telling him what happened. Jeff joins me in being totally freaked out and he rushes home from the office. By the time he gets home, she's running all over the place and playing and fine. But the whole experience scared me so bad I started sobbing. So Jeff is holding me and Ashtyn's asking 'What's wrong with mama?' When I calm down, we try asking Ashtyn what happened. We realized pretty quickly that we were going to get nowhere with our questions. She answered a very sober 'yes' to everything. "Ashtyn, did you try to climb the dresser?" "Yes." "Ashtyn, did you step inside the bottom drawer?" "Yes." "Ashtyn, did Aliens push the dresser over?" "Yes." "Ashtyn, did you fly over the dresser and knock it over?" "Yes." When I first asked what happened, she told me (while still crying) "The wall fell down!" Poor little girl. It was so scary.

I still can't figure out what happened. It seemed to me that if she'd been trying to climb it, she would have been crushed underneath it, which she wasn't. It was just up against her and hadn't even hurt her. But Jeff tells me that obviously ghosts couldn't have pushed it over so she must have somehow pulled on it and backed away before it fell. Who knows? I just thanked God for about two straight hours that she was okay. At that point, it was naptime and Ashtyn started being beyond fussy and stubborn, and I had to yell at her to lay down. How is it you can be so thankful they're okay in one second, and so frustrated the next? I don't know. But I was so glad she was okay, fussy or not. And I realized by that evening that Mommy crying was about as traumatic for her as the wall falling down. Before she went to sleep that night, she reminded me that the wall fell on her and Mommy cried and was scared. Since then, she's reminded me of this every day: The wall fell and Mommy cried and was scared. Yes, I was. I'm still thanking God she's okay.


  1. That is SO scary! I can not even imagine how scared I would be!! Thank God she is OK!

    1. It still makes my heart race to think about it!

  2. Thank goodness she is okay...kids get into things you would never expect. Hope u have recovered!


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