Y3W / Pizza and Pie

I'm linking up with the very cool Jenni from the Blog for Your Three Words! We're talking Pizza and Pie this fine Friday night. So Fridays at the Bruce home are glory/hallelujah days over here. Mainly because we try to curb dessert-eating during the week, but weekends are a free-for-all and you can have whatever just because it's the weekend and weekends should be happy. So on a very regular basis the Jeffster brings home pizza from Papa Johns or Pizza Hut (or Little Caesar's if we're in a pinch) and we rent a movie and have some good dessert. So this afternoon I made a chocolate pie and it was, basically, wonderful. I use my aunt's famous chocolate-pie recipe and it is good. I love Fridays. It's like everyone you see is glad it's Friday and at the end of the workday, everyone feels so free. Of course, this is an illusion for people like myself who have small children. There is no freedom for the foreseeable future. But the illusion of it will do just fine. And my kids have been in a giggly mood today--and really, how can you not love the sound of kids giggling? Especially babies! Lincoln's got a great giggle. It melts my heart.

Even when my to-do list is running off the page, somehow I feel like if I can just reach Friday, I'll make it. So tonight it's Pizza Hut and chocolate pie at my house. The movie situation is up in the air. Has anything good come out on DVD lately? Nothing has seemed all that appealing to me. But hey, Game of Thrones starts back up on Sunday! You gotta love that. All right then, loveys, cheers for Friday!

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