Baskets, Candy, No Self-Control, Regrets--These All Go Together, Trust Me

We had too much candy at our house on Easter. Seriously. A lot of this is Jeff's fault. I had already made Ash's Easter basket and had decided how much candy she should get and such--then we wake up Easter morning and sneaky (but sweet) Jeff has made ME an Easter basket filled with candy. And me being me, self-control is so hard to come by. Let me just tell you that little Ash hit the Easter jackpot this year. She had a basket from us, from Sara and Nemo, and Grandma sent her an Easter package. This is why we're swimming in chocolate over here and why I'm feeling sick of sugar and promising not to eat any for at least . . . I don't know. A while.

Other than the lack of self-control and abundance of sugar, Easter was great. We went to church. Though it was a good service and I love being at church on Easter, I've decided that for all sleep-deprived parents, sitting somewhere for an extended period of time where it's a little warm, dimmed lights, and kind of a quiet voice speaking is just a recipe for droopy eyes and yawns. How can you not be exhausted in that setting? Especially when you were feeding your baby at 4 am? So church was good, but I was battling closing my eyes and just falling over. Every few seconds the worship leader would yell out "He is risen!" and everyone would say "He is risen indeed!" And that helped with my awake status during the first part of the service. After that, I was on my own.

Sara and Nemo came over for Easter dinner. Jeff hid Easter eggs in the backyard and we let Ashtyn loose. Maybe it's from her daycare egg-hunt experience or something, but that kid took off like someone was chasing her. It was like a race to finish even though she was the only player. I'll add some Easter pics below for you to see!


  1. such cute pictures!
    glad to see you had a lovely Easter :)

  2. LMAO about being in church, dozing, and being jarred awake to "He is Risen!" I could totally see myself doing that! Cute pics, and enjoy the candy, in moderation! I am!

  3. From one junkie to another, I wish you luck. I downed a whole bag of M&M eggs...on Good Friday. I blame Mick. He bought them!

  4. cute and beautiful pictures!!!

    Thanks for stopping by in my blog!!


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