Don't Cry Over Spilled Medicine (But I Understand If You Do)

So here's the situation: I am comatose in bed, it's after midnight, a 3-year-old is screaming. Ash has bad dreams. I wish she didn't for two obvious reasons (I hate that she has scary dreams and I'm getting a lot less sleep because of it). I keep telling Jeff that maybe we need to limit her TV watching to Max and Ruby (nothing scary at all). But she likes dragons and all those great Disney movies with bad guys. Also, she kind of talks in her sleep. And from what we can tell--the monster in her dreams is often, brace yourself, Mommy. Are you laughing right now? I'm being serious! She'll be whining in her sleep that Mommy took her toy, Mommy won't let her ride the train, Mommy made her do something, Mommy won't give her some juice, etc. I am the bad guy. How nice. Well, there's me and the crocodile. She talks about a crocodile too. So I'm not alone, I guess.

So last night Ash woke up from a dream, and her screaming woke Lincoln and he started screaming. Jeff stumbles to Ashtyn's room, I stumble to Lincoln's room. Linc's not going back down easily so Jeff makes me a bottle. I realize I'm asleep when I can hear Lincoln sucking air. Oh, the bottle is straight up, sorry about that. He finishes the bottle and goes back to sleep. Jeff and I fall into bed. I hear Lincoln again at 4:00. Really? He can't be hungry. So I stumble back in, he's still basically asleep, just crying, so I give him his paci and he's fine. I poke my head in Ashtyn's room. Poor little thing is coughing like crazy. She's had a cough for a couple of days and you know how they always get so much worse at night. But the girl has some sort of sixth sense or something. I'm just peeking at her around the door. And she sits straight up, sees me, climbs out of bed and starts walking for the door. I go in her room. But she's headed to my room and all I can do is follow her. Besides, she's coughing and I hate that and know she needs medicine.

I put her in my bed, run downstairs for some cough syrup and come back up. With the bathroom light on and the fact that I'm very awake at this point, I'm pretty sure I can administer medicine without a hitch. Wrong, it's the middle of the night, and I'm spilling cough syrup all over my bed. What do I do? Shove away the sticky wet sheet and just sleep under the comforter.

*Kid update: Ashtyn says "beautiful cheese" instead of just "cheese." We have no idea why. But she asks for beautiful cheese all the time. She's also in the habit of saying, "I almost forgot..." She says that about everything. She makes stuff up on the fly. She says it even if there's nothing for her to say after, she just likes the phrase, I guess. :)


  1. One idea that I like from a mom I used to babysit for was to mix a little body spray with water in a spray bottle(just enough to make the water have a noticeable smell) Then at night, you can spray "bad dream" spray under Ash's bed or in her room. It worked really well for this mom, but it was "monster spray."

    1. Annie, that's SUCH a cool idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. lol...when I am sleepy I will do the same thing with a mess. Mommy is the that is so funny--are you the disciplinarian?
    I love how she has her own verbiage...go to my blog and look up 'Killian Lingo'. His sayings are funny too.

  3. It's crazy because I usually feel like I'm the more patient one! Jeff and I are pretty equal when it comes to discipline, and really, we're so laid back that discipline is a loose word. :) But I'm the monster! Go figure!

  4. Hahaha that's too funny! Well hopefully Mommy becomes the good guys in her dreams ;] Which makes them good dreams, right? ha.


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