The Juggling Act

So, today was one of those juggling-act days. I went all the way to the office, then realized I'd left stuff at home that I needed so I had to drive all the way back home. Grrr. Then I was super busy and off and on the phone with my typesetter for hours (who may or may not want to kill me at this point. ;) Jeff brought the kids home around lunchtime and I got really lucky and both went down for naps pretty quick. So I'm feeling like the day has been good and the juggling act is working as planned.

So I'm back on the phone for a work call when my little angel Ashtyn starts yelling for me. Her doorknob sticks sometimes, so when she can't get out, you hear her pound on the door like thunder; she also puts her mouth right up to the door and yells--neither of these things are ignorable (I may have just made that word up). So I run over to let her out (I'm still on the phone) and she walks out of her room looking sort of like a cowboy. This is code for 'there has been an accident.' Obviously I get off the phone lickety-split and deal with the cowboy situation. After all of that's taken care of and she's back to naptime--I'm dealing with more work stuff.

Pretty soon I find out that there's been a second accident (what joy is mine). All the loudness from the upsetness from myself and Ashtyn wakes up little Lincoln. I'm wrapping up work issues for the day and carting my kiddos downstairs (I do mean carting them both. Ash is wrapped around my leg like a sloth on a tree). I turn on Max and Ruby for my sweet girl and I eat two miniature Cadbury eggs and breathe easier. And despite all the drama, my workday was super productive! I got so much done! I even did laundry (the accidents sort of made this impossible to avoid). Whohoo for multi-tasking mamas! I think moms are gifted jugglers. :) To be perfectly honest, I can only handle this act for limited amounts of time. Many moms are much better at it than I am. I had a dinner meeting Monday night with an author and her agents, and myself and the agents all have younger children. We started talking about the exhaustion factor and the amazing fact that we were all functioning on so little sleep. Ah. Kindred spirits. There's just something about motherhood that bonds women together. :)


  1. I feel so accomplished on the days I am successful at the juggling act. But most days are not successful in my opinion, though I really need to adjust my expectations. I know I am too hard on myself as are most moms. Thus, I do celebrate the days I do feel I figured it out.

    1. I know! Those days feel great because most days juggling everything feels crazy and I feel like I'm dropping stuff here and there.


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