Menu-Monday Link Up!

So this is my first time linking up for Menu-Monday. I keep thinking if I actually plan out meals for the week, my every-day trips to the grocery store might be a little less frequent. So yesterday I sat down and looked through my pantry and made up a list based on what I'd just bought from the store. Here we go, loveys!

Monday - Oven-baked chicken and wild rice (So, I uploaded a picture of my chicken and wild rice. It turned out really good!)
Tuesday - Spaghetti and salad

Wednesday - Tacos and mexican rice

Thursday - Shrimp with linguini alfredo (Jeff loves this!)

Friday - Pizza night!

If you want to link-up, head over to In No Simple Language!


  1. Yay for Menu Monday! Shrimp with linguini alfredo sounds delicious!

  2. What is in the wild rice (sauce) looks delish... I doubt I like this Monday menu, its ruining my dieting-- so yummy!


    1. Hi Nancy! I put cream of chicken in with it, along with water. That made it more creamy.


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