Thursdays and Easter Eggs

So I'm trying to think of what to put in Ashtyn's Easter eggs . . . besides just candy, I mean. I was thinking we might do pennies. She thinks of money as treasure and likes putting it in her piggy bank. Or jelly beans would work. Anyway, what do you creative moms put in your kiddos Easter eggs? Or do you boil and dye real ones? We used to dye real ones when I was little. It was always super fun. We'll probably do that when Ash is older, but it doesn't really sound fun at the moment. It's sort of like coloring with Ashtyn--she's big on management and low on cooperation. She loves for us to color. We pull out all the colors and the Strawberry Shortcake coloring book, and then she points at what she wants me to color and tells me what color to use. I don't think she likes the fact that she can't stay inside the lines. Whatever it is, coloring almost always means me giving Strawberry Shortcake purple or yellow skin and red shirts (always red shirts).

Do you do Easter baskets for your little munchkins? What do you put in them? We do Easter baskets at our house. I come from an Easter-basket family--I think we all got baskets until we left for college. My dad would always make sure there were Cadbury Eggs in mine. I have sort of a crazy obsession with Cadbury Eggs.

Anyway, today I packed up the kids and went back to the daycare at 3:00 for the Easter egg hunt on the playground. It took approximately twelve seconds. Over very quickly. And Ash was kind of intimidated by everyone so Jeff helped her get one egg and I helped her get another. After we left, we were in the car and Ashtyn was eating the candy from the two eggs she found. She proceeds to yell out, "I'm Ashtyn and I'm eating LOTS of jelly beans!" :)

So today feels like Friday to me. I'm off from work tomorrow for Good Friday. I get all excited about having time off and then I usually do something phenomenal like mop the kitchen floor or hang up my clothes that have piled up on the dresser during the week. Still, time off is time off and it's nice. I'm really excited about it actually. Jeff is off too (but he'll probably do something phenomenal like go to the office anyway). Or maybe we'll do something fun like go to IKEA together. I think about buying a new desk almost every day. I love our home office, but I need a new desk and a new chair eventually. Our desk now is okay, but you know how you just have something in mind that you think would be perfect? That's how I am with the desk situation. And I do so much of my work via computer that a desk is a good investment (I am repeating to you what I tell Jeff every few days).

Happy Thursday, loveys!


  1. We dyed eggs last year, and I bought a Toy Story dye kit this year since Tommy is into that at the moment, so even though he's only 2 1/2, I'm going to boil some eggs and do the dye thing. But he loves the other plastic eggs, and I'll put money in them before hiding them in the yard and around the house, as he loves to put money in his piggy banks.

    I do not have a creative bone in my body, so no other suggestions for you!

    As for the baskets, he LOVES M&Ms, so I've got some of those, and a few other random things, as well as some bubbles, books, and although it won't fit in his basket, a kite because he was enamored with one we saw at the park recently.

    Enjoy your day off tomorrow...I had to take off since daycare is closed, and hope to take the Tomster to the beach for a few hours, even though it will only be in the 50s/60s - it will be nice if it's not too windy!

  2. You know, I'm thinking M&M's in the eggs might be fun! Thx for the ideas, Suze!

  3. Since I am in Kenya no baskets -- just cute hair, cute dressers and food after church. I miss american candy?... What is the next candy holiday, better find me in america!


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