Friday's Letters Link Up

Dear Office Depot,
You're on my blacklist. Watch out.

Dear Chocolate Chip Cookies,
You make me feel bad about myself later. Stay away, please!

Dear Sara,
Can you tell from the one-hundred phone calls I've made to you this week that I die when we don't talk? I am counting the minutes till we hang on Sunday. I love you, sis.

Dear Laura,
We are so in sync (you know what I'm talking about, right?) it's crazy.

Dear Mom,
Why aren't you answering your phone? Call me back!

Dear Jeff,
Thanks in advance for putting together my desk. I know it's a beast. Just remember that you get all my kisses and hugs and my heart belongs to you.

Dear Weight,
I want to lose you. Remember, Texas is coming!

Dear One-Piece Swimsuits,
Thank you for coming back in style! Whew!

Dear Colorado Weather,
Please stay warm long enough for me to plant flowers.

Dear Blog Readers,
You rock.


  1. You are too cute:) Have a good weekend Brandy!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. You have my dream job. I'm thinking of putting together a little "Kelly's Corner Colorado meet up" when I get back in town.

  3. Im from Colorado too. Keep me updated on any Colorado blogger get-togethers! Cute blog.

  4. What happens when you love to read blogs but don't have one lol?? I'm from Colorado too I have been reading kellys korner for years!
    Parker, CO


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